Saturday, May 21, 2016

Who Knows?!

Today has been great and it rained again, this morning, so we still haven't done any mowing or weed-eating yet. Who knows? Maybe we can start cutting down the tall grass and weeds tomorrow.

Yesterday, a very dear friend of mine, in Utopia, called me and she sent me an urgent, heartbreaking e-mail about not wanting to, but having to give up one of her and husband's precious dogs due to circumstances beyond their control and that is all that I'm going to say about it. She sent pictures of Lola too, and this is just a portion of the sad e-mail she sent to me:

"Lola is a sweetheart.  She loves to just sit and cuddle with you. She walks on a leash well and she would be easily adoptable. She has all her shots and has been spayed."

Tony and I love these friends so much that we always include them in our daily prayers. We wanted to help them, so yesterday, after Katee Sackhoff's surprise super adoption, I called our friend and told her that we could take Lola.

So this morning our heartbroken friend brought Lola to our rescue ranch and Tony put Lola, in Katee's vacant pen. Then our sad friend came up to The Cabin, because she wanted to talk to me and give me all of Lola's records.

As we drank coffee together, in the kitchen, she teared up several times as we talked about sweet Lola. So I kept looking up towards the ceiling, so I wouldn't tear up, too or quite possibly find another visiting Bat, that had attached itself to the ceiling beam. 

In case you didn't know this—if you are trying not to cry you should always look upwards, because it stops you from tearing up and it always works for me. Luckily, I didn't discover a Bat and I didn't tear up. Anyway, before we adios-ed our dear friend, she told me that Lola is only two-years-old and that she had a gift for me.

After she drove away, I opened up the pretty sack and read her beautiful, handwritten card, with a donation included, so I looked down and let my tears finally fall. Then I reached back inside the sack and there was this beautiful, floating/moving angel attached by a spring, to an engraved rock. And to say the least, I love her gift.

Then a couple of hours later, there was another gift for me, that came in our mail. My dear friends that are hiking the Appalachian Trail sent me this T-shirt and I absolutely love it! And I'm going to wear it with pride. "Thank Y'all!"

So I laid it, on top of our bed, so I could take a picture of it for my blog tonight and when I came back seconds later, to take the picture—this is what I saw. 

So, I patted Henry Standing Bear, on the head and then removed my T-shirt from the bed. Then I took my super-cool T-shirt and put it, on top of our branded coffee table, so I could take a picture of the back of it, without Henry hamming it up.

I love that it says in big lettering "I've Hiked the Entire APPALACHIAN TRAIL" and if you can read between the lines, in much smaller letters is "WIDTH OF THE"! Talk about a perfect T-shirt for me to wear, because that is exactly what I plan to do when I finally do hit that trail and get a real picture taken of me that has not been Photo shopped. Like the funny ones that I Photo shopped, a while back, on January 29, 2015. 

As I finish writing this for tonight, I want you to know that I love reading Craig A. Johnson's fabulous book The Highwayman that Kris & Jim gave to us yesterday. And now that I've thought and written about it—I think that picture I took of Henry Standing Bear, laying on top of my brand new T-shirt is a sign to let me know that Henry Standing Bear wants to walk the Appalachian Trail with me. Who knows? Maybe they will allow Henry to walk the entire width of the Appalachian Trail with me?

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!


Fay (Anonymous LOL) said...

Classic Nancy, I'm still giggling..."So I kept looking up towards the ceiling, so I wouldn't tear up, too or quite possibly find another visiting Bat, that had attached itself to the ceiling beam." Oh hell, that's funny!
I can't imagine a situation where I would ever have to give up my dog(s) for any reason...*crickets chirping*... then again, I've never been known for my imagination. I'm happy she ended up w you & Tony and I'm sure this young pup will no doubt find a double-wide, royalty existence in her forever home in the near future. She's a cutie!
Once again, Henry has stolen the show. He is something else!
Fay xx

cousin nancy said...

Hi Fay! I am so glad that my blog made you laugh again, since we are in F.M.T. aka full moon time. Why don't you and I meet, on the Appalachian Trail and walk our sweet Henry and Miss Moneypenny, across the width of the Appalachian Trail together. I'll do it if you do. It's your call!

Fay said...

That would be awesome, I know Miss Moneypenny would love it! I have to get my head around potentially running into bears, but, definitely want to look into it! Have a glorious Sunday at Utopia! xx

cousin nancy said...

Hi Fay! Yes, let's do some serious thinking about it. And always remember that I can Photoshop us on the trail.