Monday, May 2, 2016

Gerry Olert, Chris, Eileen holding Little Debbie, Jim, Suzanne, me, Kris, Bob, Chet, Lisa, Kinky, Wendy, Sally, Stephen & Hollin!

Today has been great and so was our weekend. Last Friday all of our great friends/volunteers met at the Thai O'Cha restaurant so we could celebrate Suzanne's and Chris' birthdays and Eileen brought the cutest duel birthday cake. And to say the least, our food was delicious and we had a lot of fun.

Chris, who played Ferg, in our Longmire—Texas Style video, is standing 2nd from the left and Suzanne, who played a cowgirl, inside the Grey Goose Saloon, is standing behind me,  to the right of Jim who played Longmire. I know this is getting a little confusing, so I am just going to list our friends from left to right that starred in our funny Longmire—Texas Style spoof.

Gerry Olert, Chris, Eileen with Little Debbie, Jim, Suzanne, me, Kris, Bob, Chet and Lisa.

And if you would like to see more pictures of the cast and crew I suggest that you watch my slideshow Longmire—Texas Style Behind The Scenes.

Last Friday, after the fun birthdays party, we came straight home, because we knew that our dear friend, Chet O'Keefe, was coming to see us, after his long three-week tour of Canada with friend Sarah Burton. And we had a fun visit with Chet, before he and his dog, Willie, took off for Washington state, Saturday afternoon.

After we adios-ed Chet and Willie, Tony took off too, so he could go fetch our mail. And I got got the cutest and the sweetest card, from a woman named Wendy, thanking us for rescuing her old Pit Bull that had run off during a thunderstorm. 

But first let me fill you in. Last month, while I was out in Terlingua with Cindy, Ronnie & Nita, Kinky had rescued a Pit Bull that was in a field near Highway 16. So when I got home from my fun trip, Tony told me all about Kinky's rescue.

So when we got back home, I went and met this lovely, sweet, old girl and I named her Sally Field, before we took her, to Hoegemeyer Animal Clinic, to get a check up and her shots, etc.

Well, it turned out that Sally had heart worms, so they treated her. Several days later, when we were going to go pick up Sally, Tony walked into the kitchen, and said,  "Nance, Sally is such a great dog, I'm sure she belongs to someone, so would you call the Pound to see if anyone is missing a Pit since last week?"

When I called the Pound, the nice woman told me that a Pit Bull, fitting her description had been reported missing since last week and she gladly gave me Wendy's phone numbers.

Then I called Wendy and told her that we thought we had her dog and that Sally had just been treated for heart worms. Wendy was so happy I'm pretty sure that she started crying as she kept thanking us. 

Wendy told me that her two dogs had run away, during an intense thunderstorm and that her little dog had safely returned home, but not her Pit. After telling her that she could pick up her dog, at Hoegemeyers, she said, "Please call them and tell them I am on my way now..."

An hour later, after eating a fun lunch with Jim aka Longmire, at Billy Gene's Restaurant, we stood outside the restaurant and called Hoegemeyer Animal Clinic, to find out if Sally Field was the woman's lost dog.

And to make a long story short, Susan told me, "Yes! Wendy and I guess her son came and picked her up and when Sally came into the lobby and saw her family, she went crazy trying to get to them and they started crying. And Nancy, the woman paid for the heart worm treatment..." This is a picture I took of Sally Field when we took her to Hoegemeyer Animal Clinic.

Yesterday afternoon, Tony and I jumped inside Buttermilk and took off for The Auslander, in Fredricksburg, because our dear friend, Stephen K. Morris, was hosting another one of his great "The Outsider Songwriter Spotlight" with his awesome musician friend, Hollin McKay

Tony and I had a blast watching and listening to their great music and Stephen even took a minute to introduce us to the standing room only crowd and he plugged our rescue ranch. Here is a picture that I took while they were performing on stage. Stephen is on the left.

And this one is Stephen's trunk with our bumper sticker on it.

During a break, Stephen introduced us to Hollin and I told him that I had and loved his and his brother's first album, which they had cut, in 1994. Anyway, I hope y'all will check out Stephen's awesome Songwriter Spotlight shows held every Sunday, from 4:00 to 7:00.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

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