Tuesday, May 24, 2016

I Am A Major Fan Of Jon Favreau!

Today has been great and so was yesterday, because Burma called me to give me an update on Katee Sackhoff. She told me that they added a middle name for Katee and her new name is Katee-Sioux Sackhoff, because Randy is a Sioux. She also told me that Katee-Sioux has stolen their hearts and she is one super dog and all of their dogs love Katee. And here's a picture  she took of Katee-Sioux.

Last night I watched the movie Burnt, another movie about life, chefs and cooking. It was good, but still my top two favorite movies about cooking are still Julie & Julia and Chef, starring Jon Favreau, because they both inspired me to try new recipes.

The movie, Julie & Julia, and my dear friend Cindy inspired me to make Julia Child's delicious Chicken and Mushrooms with Cream Sauce, that I serve with oven roasted asparagus, as Julia Child suggests, in her cookbook Mastering the Art of French Cooking. And I am so glad that I did, because it is now both Tony's and my favorite dish.

I am a major fan of Jon Favreau, because he is a multi-talented Libra and a genius, because he wrote, starred in, directed and co-produced the fabulous movie, Chef. That our good friend and actor, Jay Pennington, got to be an extra in—playing a cowboy. 

I really love the movie Chef, because it is such a fun movie to watch. The cast of actors starring in this movie could not have been better selected for their roles. Anyway, last week, because of this delightful movie, I tried making Choi's signature Mojo Pork Cubano sandwiches, from the film, and it was totally delicious, too. And here's a link to this incredibly delicious recipe.

So last night, after watching Burnt, I went into our bedroom to get something and I caught Henry Standing Bear doing another one of his down-unders. So I grabbed my camera and seconds later, I snapped this funny picture of him, just before Little Debbie and I watched him crawl out from underneath the dresser.

After I took Henry's picture, I started Googling Egg Benedict recipes, because a few days ago, Cindy had suggested that I try making Julia Child's Hollandaise Sauce, found on page 79, in her cookbook. 

So this morning for Tony's breakfast, I surprised him and made Julia's delicious Hollandaise Sauce recipe and served him my version of eggs benedict: which is a half of a buttered muffin, topped with Canadian bacon, a fried egg (Yes, I know it is supposed to be poached, but Tony doesn't like poached eggs.) with Julia's easy to make, delicious Hollandaise Sauce. And needless to say, "He loved that, too."

In just a few hours from now, Tony and I will be taking Henry Standing Bear to his final Clicker-Training class, in Kerrville. So I am going to finish writing this and post it, because I need to go cook us lunch and then do some Clicker-Training homework with Henry.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing! 

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