Wednesday, May 25, 2016

He's So Vain!

Yesterday was Henry's last Clicker-Training class. When Tony and I were getting ready to take him to his class, we could not find him, until I checked our bedroom and found him doing another one of his down-unders.

When I told him that we were taking him to school, he shot out from under the bed and then raced into the big room, with Little Debbie and Big Al(ice) chasing after him and barking at his heels. So, he did this to escape from them.

And he stayed up there until we attached his leash to his red dog collar.

Once again we went straight to Wild Birds Unlimited, so we could follow sweet Marguerite to Linore's awesome, do training center. For the very first time we were the first to arrive, so I got out of Buttermilk and headed towards the Wild Birds Unlimited front doors, because I wanted to go inside to say hello to Linda and Tricia, but instead I came to an abrupt halt, about three feet away, from the front doors, because of this beautiful windmill that was spinning in front of me. 

Then I turned around, looked at Tony and Henry Standing Bear and pointed at the  coolest windmill, that I've ever seen. Tony smiled and nodded his head and then I went into the store. And right after Tricia and Linda greeted me with smiles and howdies, I said, "I love that windmill outside and I want to buy one..."

"That windmill is the very last one we have, but we've got more coming in," Tricia said. "Marguerite has one. Do you want that one?"And a few minutes later, Tricia and I walked outside and put that awesome windmill, that has two beautiful, separate, decorative, half-wheels that spin in opposite directions. Then we followed Marguerite to the training center.

Linore's class was so much fun and Henry had a total blast going through his clicker routines that we had worked on, then figuring out puzzles to get treats and learning how to balance himself on a ball.

And Henry had all of us laughing at him, near the end of class, when we caught him admiring his good looks, in the mirror. So it looks like we're going to have to buy Henry a wall mirror soon, because he's so vain.

When we got back home, I planted my new, super-duper windmill, in our front yard.

While Henry sat there and watched.

Today has been great. This morning I cleaned out the change inside my purse, because it had gotten so heavy. And you're not going to believe this, but I removed $19.71 in coins. So I took this picture to prove it.

Late this afternoon, I cooked a small batch of Cafe du Monde's famous Beignets for Tony and me and they were absolutely delicious. It has been quite a while since I've cooked beignets, but when I saw them making them and eating them, in the movie Chef, I purchased a box of the mix and some powdered sugar, the last time that we visited the big H-E-B.

It is 7:35 and Kinky has just called me, from the Houston airport. He sounded great and he was looking forward to be getting back to the ranch, late tonight and we can't wait to see him. And that's about it for tonight.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing.

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