Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Oh Henry!

Today has been great, but nothing all that exciting has happened out here. So this evening, after I had downloaded some pictures I took of Henry's odd sleeping habits, that I started taking yesterday, last night and just a few minutes ago, I've decided to share them with you.

These first two pictures of Henry Standing Bear, sleeping in his & Beau's chair are not all that odd. I took these last night and I am posting them just to show you how cute our Henry is.

("Now Fay, please pay close attention to these next few pictures, because I would like to know if Henry's twin sister, Miss Moneypenny, loves sleeping underneath y'all's bed, too.") I took these pictures early this afternoon, within five minutes of each other.

Later, I captured Henry once again sleeping underneath our bed and this appears to be his most favorite place to sleep, because he slept there just a few days ago.

And now as I finish writing this post for tonight, I just took this picture of Henry, staring at me, while he was sitting, on top of our coffee table. Even though his official name will always be Henry Standing Bear, Henry has now earned a few more titles to add to his name, such as: Henry Sleeping Bear, Henry Sitting Bear, Henry Running Bear, Henry Gnawing Bear and Oh Henry.

"Fay, when you have the time please let me know about Miss Moneypenny's strange habits."

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

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