Saturday, May 14, 2016

Walks With Chopstix! or Eat Like A Bird!

Today has been great. This morning Tony and I went to Medina to check out the Medina Garage Sale event. We saw many of our friends, and we had a fun visit with our friend Judith Pannebaker, the editor for the Bandera County Courier newspaper, and her husband.

As we wandered up and down Main Street/Highway 16, I found a real bargain that I could not pass up. I bought a small, portable, used amplifier for my guitars, even though I already have two great amps that I use.

After I purchased it for only $5.00, from Dalton, Tony asked me, as we walked away, “Why did you buy another amp?”

“Because it was a bargain and I believe that you can never have enough amps, because our friends can use mine, instead of dragging their amps over here to play music with me.”

Thirty minutes later, when we climbed back into Buttermilk, to come back home, it started to rain with some thundering and lightning thrown in. And by the time we got back home it had stopped raining just long enough for Tony and me to get back inside The Cabin, which we had earlier unplugged, before we took off for Medina.

Our dogs were so glad to see us back home too, especially Big Al(ice) and Roy, because they get even more nervous than me when it’s thundering and lightning outside. Then a few minutes later, came the heavy rainfall, with loud, rolling thunder and lighting strikes that were too numerous to count and a little too close for comfort.

Well, I’ve started my 5-day juice and smoothie fast and so far so good. After we got back home, for breakfast, I made Tony and me super, delicious, healthy smoothies made with: almond milk, banana, peach, cantaloupe, ginger blueberries, strawberries, cinnamon, beet, walnuts, almonds, chia seeds, kale, goji berries and cocoa. And here’s a picture I took before letting Jaws take over.

For lunch today, I made Tony's favorite meal— Julia Child's Chicken and Mushroom with Cream Sauce and roasted asparagus, but I didn't eat it, because I juiced instead. You can click on the pictures below to get the recipes.

I made myself a delicious Bloody Mary (Tomato Bell recipe), without the Mary part, and it was absolutely delicious, too. And the coolest part about all of this is that there is enough leftover chicken and mushrooms with cream sauce and roasted asparagus that Tony will get to eat the exact same thing tomorrow and all that I will have to do is heat it up for him.

I used the Big Book of Juices' Tomato Bell recipe to make my Bloody Mary and I drank two glasses of it. And just look how healthy it is.

Well, it finally quit raining and storming here, around 2:30—thank goodness. So all is well once again and the sun is shining brightly, but now we're talkin' humidity.

Today in the mail I received a special care package, from some very dear friends of ours, who are hanging out, camping out and hiking the Appalachian Trail, in North Carolina. And I absolutely love their thoughtful gifts, especially their hilarious note: "for your next movie shoot: "Walks With Chopstix!!"

And when I read the back side of the Tropsticks' package I literally laughed out loud, because it was so cute.

You're probably thinking, "Okay, but what is that stuff, inside the Baggie?" Well, I am glad that you asked me that question, because I'm betting that it is some dirt and twigs, taken from a certain trail, that I've been wanting to hike—but not to go incriminating anybody, I'll just call it some dirt and twigs. 

These two dear friends of ours know that walking the Appalachian Trail has been on my bucket list for a very long time and that is why they sent it to me or maybe they just like to give dirt and twigs as presents. Anyway, I love my new dirt and twigs and the Tropsticks. "Thank y'all!"

And who knows? Maybe tomorrow I'll even try to get Tony to try eating his delicious leftovers lunch, using the Tropsticks, while I'm sipping a delicious, healthy juice and trying to write the script—Walks With Chopstix! 

Heck, I'm already inspired! And just think, that would be such a great photo opt for me, if I can capture Tony eating like a bird. And that's about it for today, because I am fixin' to go call our dear friends to thank them for my presents. Because even though it is a dirty job—someone needs to do it.

P.S. I purchased that cute dish towel "Dogs Welcome. People Tolerated." at Bad Girlz of Texas.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing! 

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