Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Stormy Weather?

Today has been great and I am writing this early, because later this afternoon Tony and I are taking our Henry Standing Bear Simons to his Clicker Class with Scout and Marguerite. And I am also writing this early, because the weatherman, on KENS TV, has warned that we (Northern Hill Country) might have some stormy weather this evening. And that means I would not be able to blog tonight, because we would be unplugged.

Of course, I heard about this stormy weather warning, right after I had finished push-mowing four dog pens, that look absolutely beautiful. So now, thanks to Tony's and my efforts, our freshly, cut grass and weeds are now ready to receive more rain. (I'm being somewhat sarcastic here.)

To keep y'all updated on Henry's latest bed-time stories, I took this picture, before I started cooking our lunch. And I've titled it, Henry Standing Bear Foot.

And after we ate our lunch and I had cleaned up the kitchen, I went into our bedroom and took this picture of Henry Standing Bear and I've titled this one—Henry Down Under.

I've scheduled for this to post, at 6:30 tonight, come rain or come shine. And that's about it for today. Happy Tails To You!

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!


Anonymous said...

We hope you were safe during the night and NO storms at all --- Henry Standing Bear is just sooo cute-- Thank you for sharing the pics

cousin nancy said...

Hi Anonymous! The thunderstorms came around 3:00 AM with some nearby lightning strikes. We were unplugged and all is fine now. Thank you for your comment.