Friday, May 6, 2016

Snow Nose! or Blanky!

Today has been great. Our good friends/volunteers came out this morning and walked our dogs for us. Then we all jumped into our vehicles and went to the Apple Store, in Medina, to eat lunch together.
And as always the food was delicious and it was a lot of fun.

When Tony and I got back home, I checked my e-mail and I laughed out loud when I read Fay's e-mail and looked at the picture she took of Henry's twin sister, Miss Moneypenny.

Last Tuesday, I wrote about our Henry Standing Bear's strange sleeping habits, titled Oh Henry. And I asked Fay to please let me know if Miss Moneypenny slept underneath their bed like Henry loves to do. This is one of the pictures that I took of our handsome Henry, last Tuesday.

Fay wrote me back and told me that Miss Moneypenny was too big to get underneath their bed and I thought that was the end of it. Obviously Henry and Miss Moneypenny are definitely not identical twins, as I had thought earlier. Which was fine.

Today, in Fay's short, funny note, she wrote,"Came out of the kitchen to see this. LOL" And I immediately laughed out loud and seconds later, when I showed it to Tony he burst out laughing, too.

After posting these two pictures I looked at them side by side and noticed that both of their ears are in the same flopped-over position, which now proves to me, once again, that they are identical twins! 

And please note that I know that Miss Moneypenny's nose is not black like Henry's, but a few weeks ago when I asked Fay about it she told me that Miss Moneypenny had a temporary condition that vets, up in Canada, call a "Snow Nose." 

Then Fay went on to explain to me, that Miss Moneypenny's nose is actually just as black as Henry's, but in cold, snowy regions, many dog's noses will lighten up during extremely cold weather conditions and then they will return back to their original color, once the weather warms up.

A fact, that I didn't nose. (I know it should be written as know, but I like to make puns.) Anyway, I love Fay's choice of chair fabric, which, if you will notice is very similar to our pink and green quilt that Henry has so kindly chewed up or better said, "A quilt that Henry has customized for us, including the one end on that pillowcase."

By now, I'm sure you're asking yourself, "What is that thing on top of that pillow?" Well, if you must know I will tell you. It is Henry Standing Bear's favorite puppy toy or as we call it "his blanky." It goes everywhere with him and Henry won't leave home without it. In fact, he brings it with him every night, when he jumps up on our bed to sleep with us.

It originally was a very cute, stuffed raccoon chew toy, but Henry has since pulled out all of the stuffing and he has also shredded several parts of it. Another one of Henry's custom jobs well done.

As I finish writing this for today, I just took these couple of pictures of the blanky and our hard-working Henry, taking a short break, from all of his many upcoming customizing chores.

Tonight, I am going to watch, probably binge-watch it, the new episodes of Grace & Frankie, Season 2 comedy on Netflix. 

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!


Fay said...

That is so cute and funny about Henry's blanky. Miss M has a stuffed kitten she drags all around, and, I'm not embarrassed to admit she sleeps with us too! She's getting quite big, so we keep her bed on the floor at the end of the bed for her. She jumps up at the beginning of the night in our bed and then wakes us up bright and early. She goes out for a quick breath of fresh air and then rushes up to give "cuddles" which entails squishing herself between us and giving kisses galore! Being awake for this is not mandatory LOL She is going to be even bigger when she's full grown, so I've already warned Ian we are buying a giant bed to accommodate her.
Suffice to say we are both "twinning!" at adopting these adorable, BIG pups!

cousin nancy said...

Hi Fay! We are so lucky to have Miss Moneypenny and Henry Standing Bear. They'll keep us laughing till the cows come home!