Thursday, May 12, 2016

Get Down! or How Hard Could That Be?!

Today has been great and so was yesterday. Last night and today I've spent most of my free time working on my third novella and I am really having fun with it. I also plan to write more this evening after I post this, but I do I want to tell you about what Henry Standing Bear did, at his private Clicker-Training class with Scout, last Tuesday.

Tony and I took Henry to Linore's training center and Henry did pretty good, considering that I had not done much homework with him as I should have. Scout was awesome to watch and she seemed to have so much fun working with Marguerite.

When Linore explained her technique for the Down command, she asked Tony and me to sit down, in our chairs and just wait for Henry to get bored and lay down. And the second that he went down we were told to click immediately and toss Henry a treat, to make him get out of the down position. A simple task that didn't seem to be all that difficult for Tony and me to do.

While we sat in our chairs, waiting for Henry to get down, I told Linore about Henry's funny habit of sleeping underneath our bed and it made her and Marguerite laugh.  "Nancy's been blogging about it and posting cute pictures of Henry under their bed," Marguerite added.

We laughed together and then I jokingly said, "I've already written tonight's post for tonight and I titled one of the pictures Henry Down Under."

Then to our amazement, Henry went underneath Linore's chair and laid down! Lenore immediately clicked and tossed Henry a treat and this happened three or four more times. Then Linore handed Henry's leash to Tony and suggested that we try it. How hard could that be?

As we waited for Henry to get down we laughed and joked about Henry laying down underneath her chair, instead of laying down somewhere else. Then Tony says, "Henry's sister, Miss Moneypenny, who lives, in Toronto, does it too." Then Henry walked underneath Tony's chair and laid down!

"Click! Click!" Linore said. So Tony fumbled with his clicker while I was busy grabbing a treat, from a Baggie, to toss to Henry. Our timing was so off and we knew we had blown it big time. After we laughed about how many Simons does it take to Clicker-train a dog, Henry walked underneath my chair and immediately went down!

"Click! Tony armchair-coached, as I nervously fumbled around with my clicker, while trying to grab another treat for Henry. So now Tony and I were tied for blowing our timing. Even though it was embarrassing—it was absolutely hilarious and Henry seemed to be having fun anyway.

So, as I finish writing this tonight I've changed my mind and decided that after I post this, I will do some much-needed homework with Henry, because I need it more than he does. Then I'll do some more writing on my third novella.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

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