Friday, May 13, 2016

Sweet Eileen! or Pressure Pants!

Today has been great. This morning when I went outside to greet our great friends/volunteers I was visiting with Ruth and Eileen and we were talking about how much we love Longmire. Then Eileen excused herself and went to get something out of pickup.

When she returned she was carrying a taped up box and when she handed me the box, she told me that it was a little something that she had gotten made for me, because she had so much fun playing the role of Ruby, in our Longmire—Texas Style video spoof.

Sweet Eileen went all out to play the part of Ruby, as did many others. In fact, Eileen even went out and spent a pretty penny to buy a brunette wig to wear for her hilarious scene, where she is talking, on the phone, to Henry about the crazy woman, out on the highway. And when she delivered one of the funniest lines in the video, "....And she's holding a one-eyed Chihuahua wearing a tinier pot, pie, tin, too." She had all of us rolling on the floor with laughter and it still makes me laugh!

Anyway, I love my super cool tray that Eileen gave to me this morning and I think instead of using it to serve drinks or whatever, I am going to hang it on the wall instead, as a constant reminder of how much fun we had making Longmire—Texas Style!

Eileen is third from the left with her wig on and holding Little Debbie, who was out of costume and no longer wearing her "tinier, pot, pie, tin" Alien-attracting-helmet, on top of her head.

Eileen told Ruth and me that she used Tony's picture, that I had converted to sepia and posted, on my blog, when I made and posted my Longmire—Texas Style Behind The Scenes slideshow.

After I had thanked Eileen for thinking of me and getting the tray made, I told her and Ruth a little secret about Eileen and me being kindred spirits and.... But I'm sorry, because I can't divulge what I said to them, yet.

Then I changed the subject, and said, "Well girls, y'all know that bikini season is just around the corner, so starting today I've vowed that I am going to go on a 5 day juice and smoothies only fast, because I've put on some unwanted pounds. In fact, my Levi's are so tight, I had to wrestle with them to button them up this morning. And that's sad, because I refuse to buy one size bigger jeans and I will just have to suck-it-up and suffer until I lose the weight." Then we all started laughing about us not being caught dead wearing a bikini and the last time we wore those tiny-weenie- bikinis.

Then I changed the subject again, and asked, "So, where do y'all want to eat lunch today?" And after a brief discussion about Jim M. loving Mexican food, we voted on Braceo's Mexican Restaurant, in Kerrville.

"But Nancy," Eileen said. "What about your 5 day fast?"

"Heck, I guess that I'll just have to start it tomorrow. What's one more day?" Then Eileen and I took off with Lois Lane for a walk, so Lois could go skinny-dipping, in the creek. Which is another thing that you shall never see me do in this lifetime.

And that's about it for tonight, because I am fixin' to go remove my 501 Levis pressure pants and put on some comfortable sweats.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

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