Saturday, May 28, 2016

Back To The Future!

Today has been great even though I overslept this morning, because I had stayed up late watching the movies, Back To The Future and Back To The Future II. And Little Debbie, Big Al(ice) and Henry stayed up with me and watched them too.

This afternoon, for our lunch,, I cooked another new recipe, Fried Cabbage With Bacon, Onions and Garlic and it was delicious and it was very easy to make. I served it with some Italian meatballs covered in tomato sauce.

While I was cooking our lunch, our dogs started barking outside, which usually means that someone is driving in, so Tony, who was starving, told me to keep on cooking and that he would go outside to see who was here.

About 45 minutes later, Tony walked back inside The Cabin, and said, "We've got another great adoption and you are not going to believe who it is!"

When he told me who it was I was more than thrilled about it, because I love this wonderful dog so much. Then I turned off the oven, that was keeping our lunch warmed and then I quickly did the paperwork for Springsteen's adoption, while Tony told me about the family that wanted to adopt Springsteen.

A few minutes later, I grabbed my camera, Springsteen's adoption papers and then Tony and I hopped, into Kermit, and took off for Springsteen's pen. 

Like Tony had done earlier, I instantly liked Mimi and her family the moment that I saw them and that made me even more excited about Springsteen's fabulous adoption. 

After we had a fun visit with Mimi and we had told them what a super, great dog Springsteen was, Mimi filled out Springsteen's adoption papers, while Tony and I leashed up this very sweet, handsome dog. And before they loaded up Springsteen, into the backseat, I took this picture of Springsteen with his new fabulous family.

So like us, please keep your fingers crossed that Springsteen's adoption sticks and that he will get along with their other dog and cats, because this special dog deserves the very best.

After we had adios-ed these great people and hugged Springsteen, they drove away and we drove away, in the opposite direction, so we could eat our lunch. And that's about it for today, because our four-legged family is fixin' to go watch Back To The Future III with me.

Y'all have a great day and keep on laughing!


Anonymous said...

I am so glad to hear about Springsteen being adopted... awesome....I'm keeping fingers crossed and good thoughts abounding that it works for everyone....We've heard about the bad weather that has been pounding the Kerrville area... sending prayers you are all alright. Bless you as you go through this round of Mother Nature doing her thing. ...

Susie Winter said...

Hey Nancy, this is so off topic but did you hear that The Monkees , yes The Monkees just released a brand new album? I am too old to get excited but I am. The critics say it is a great album and I am planning on dusting off the turn table and buying my first album in decades.

cousin nancy said...

Hi Anonymous! We loved Springsteen and we are thrilled that he finally found his forever home. Thank you for your comment.

cousin nancy said...

Hi Susie! I love The Monkees and my favorite song of theirs is Last Train To Clarksville. That is really cool about them coming out with a new album and I will definitely be checking it out. Thank you for the heads-up.