Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween!

Yesterday was great. We received over 1.5 inches of rain! And when I was helping Tony with the morning chores outside, I nearly slipped and fell twice, but luckily I didn't!

Around 5:00, yesterday evening a nice man called me from Medina. He has eight, eight-week-old mix breed pups that he needs to find homes for. Because we are full out here and could not take his puppies, we did the next best thing—we went to Medina and I took pictures of them.

They are all adorable puppies and very sweet. Because each puppy was excited when he brought one out to be photographed I had to work fast. So please excuse a few of the fuzzy pictures.

Anyway, if you know someone looking for a pup and you think they might be interested, please call me at the rescue ranch and I will put you in touch with the man. The pups are males and females, but because this was a quick photo-shoot, i am not sure who are male and who are female. And please note that these are going to be big dogs and part Lab.

I wrote this early this morning, because I couldn't sleep last night, because of the storms.

Anyway, I hope everyone has a great Halloween! If I can get a little sleep today I'll try to write more this evening.

Y'all have a great day/evening!


Anonymous said...

Awww these babies are so cute!

Fay said...

I can smell that peppery puppy breath and feel those insanely soft and warm bellies from here! So cute, love the one with the mask!
Have a great week at Utopia!
Fay xx