Thursday, October 29, 2015

10:14! or Just A Few More Reasons Why We Love Kerrville So Much!

Today has been great. This morning Tony told me that he was going to do the outside chores early, so we could run our errands early in Kerrville, because he had a few things he wanted to do this afternoon, before the sweet kids, from the Arms of Hope at the Medina Children's Home, came over to walk our dogs for us.

Around 10:14, we were fixing' to leave, to go to Kerrville, when Chet O'Keefe called. He and his super dog, Willy, had left earlier this morning, to go out to Terlingua, because he had some gigs to play out there.

Chet had called us, because his Toyota's starter had gone out and he and Willy were stuck, in the big Post Office's parking lot. He had already called O'Reilly's Auto Parts and they were nice enough to  order a new starter for him and they had promised him that it would be, at their store, by 1:30.

Chet told us (we had it on Speaker Phone by now) that he needed Aaron's phone number to see if Aaron could help him replace the starter and that he needed for us to please bring him some of his tools, so maybe he could get started trying to remove the starter.

Then he told us that two different Kerrville Police Department cars had come by to talk to him. "The Police Officers were friendly and really nice to me and Willy. They told me that two different people had called in, to report him. And the calls came from the Post Office, but not from the Postal Employees. The two calls had come from two different people just going to the Post Office. One person told the police that I looked suspicious or something and the other woman who reported me, told them that they were scared of me..."

Thirty minutes later, we arrived at the Post Office, with Chet's tools. He looked a little frustrated, because he couldn't get a hold of Aaron. After talking to Chet for a few minutes, I suggested that we call Balser's Northside Automotive to see if they could help fix his starter and send a wrecker, because a few snooty-looking people, going inside the Post Office, were staring at us and they were making a point to make sure that we saw their ugly-looks that they were giving us.

We  called Balser's and they said they could fix Chet's starter today and they recommended that Chet call this wrecker service. Chet called the wrecker service and unfortunately all of their wreckers were busy for the day, because of a big job they were doing.

Before I suggested that we call Balser's back, the coolest thing happened! A wrecker pulled into the parking lot and parked near us. This nice man smiled at us and I waved. Then I walked up to his wrecker as he was getting out. "Hi, I'm Nancy and our friend needs a wrecker. Could you help tow his Toyota over to Balsers?"

"Sure! A good friend of mine works, at Balser's. Those are good people." Then this friendly man quoted Chet a reasonably low cost for towing his vehicle." And a few minutes later, Tony, Chet & Willy and me jumped into Trigger and then we followed Jacob, the Hill Country Wrecker Service owner, over to Balser's Northside Automotive!"

The people at Balser's Northside Automotive were great when we got there. And Jacob gave Chet a discount for towing his Toyota.

We had about two hours to kill, before the new starter came in, so we decided to eat lunch. But before we did that, we went to Hoegemeyer Animal Clinic, to see if they could baby-sit Willy, for an hour or so. "Sure," Susan told Chet, wearing a big smile, on her face. "Not a problem. I love your music.  Hi Willy..."

After we dropped Willy off, we went to eat lunch, but we still had about forty-minutes to kill before the starter would arrive, at O'Reily's. So we went to O'Reilly's so Chet could pre-pay for the starter, that they would deliver to Balser's. Then we ran Tony's and my errands. Then we went back to Hoegermeyer Animal Clinic to pick up Willy. And then we went back to Balser's to wait for them to replace the starter. And it didn't take them long.

Chet was more than thrilled about how quickly one of Balser's fine mechanics had replaced Chet's starter and the amount that they had charged him to replace the starter. Then he and Willy took off.

This afternoon, around 4:08, the sweet kids came over and they walked our dogs for us and our dogs had a total blast.

So here are just a few more reasons why we love Kerrville so much! "Thank you, O'Reilly's Auto Parts, Kerrville Police Department, Balser's Northside Automotive, Hill Country Wrecker Service, Hoegemeyer Animal Clinic and Arms of Hope at the Medina Children's Home! Y'all are the very BEST!

P.S. Aaron called me earlier this evening and he apologized for not being able to help Chet today. He had left his phone, in his car and wasn't able to check his messages until he finished working.

Y'all have a great evening!

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