Friday, October 2, 2015

My Roy Wall!

Today has been a lot of fun and that makes it a great day. This morning all of our great friends aka dog walking volunteers came out and walked our dogs for us and we had a surprise waiting for them.

You see, last night, after I had written my own funny obit, inspired by the hilarious obits that my good friend Mari had sent me to read. I came up with an idea and I told Tony about it. "Tony, I'm going to ask Chet, in the morning, if he will surprise our friends, by showing up tomorrow, at lunch, with his Chet-Pack and play some music..." Tony liked my idea.

So this morning, when Tony came inside, after doing the chores outside, he told me that he had already asked Chet to do it and Chet was onboard with it and  he would love to play. So a little while later when I was outside visiting with our friends and proudly showing off my organic mushroom farm to them, they suggested that we eat lunch, at The Apple Store, in Medina, because they wanted to eat catfish.

Then I adios-ed them and skipped back to The Cabin, so I could make an important phone call. After I heard, "Welcome to the Apple Store...."

"Hello, Barbara. This is Nancy, at the rescue ranch. All of our volunteers want to eat y'all's Catfish Special today and we have a dear musician friend named Chet O'Keefe and we want to surprise our friends/volunteers today and have Chet show up...."

"We would love for Chet to show up with his Chet-Pack and entertain everybody....It will be fun." So the wheels were set in motion. And this is the video that I took of Chet playing, at the Apple Store and it is a little bit longer than Tony's great video, but it has more of his music. Anyway, Chet did it and he surprised everyone there and they all loved listening to Chet's music.

Before we came back home, a picture caught my eye, at the Apple Store and I immediately bought it as another Tony pre-birthday gift to me and I planned to hang it on my Roy Rogers' wall.

And when we got back home, I realized that there was no room left on my Roy Wall for the picture, so Tony ended up hanging it on another wall for me, in the big room. And I absolutely love it!

Before I finish writing this evening, I took two more pictures today of my organic mushroom farm, because the oyster mushrooms are growing faster than fast. Seriously, this mushroom farm kit is totally amazing.

And that's about it for tonight, except I want everyone to know that I'm hoping that "my funny going away party"obit, that I wrote, won't be read aloud for a very, very, very long time .

Y'all have a great evening!

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