Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Shelf Life!

Today has been great. Unfortunately, I overslept, because I didn't sleep well last night, so Tony did the morning chores with out me.

Yesterday morning, while I was going from room to room trying to locate my bifocals, I walked into the big room and the CBS Morning News team was just fixing' to interview Ted Koppel about his new book, Lights Out: A Cyberattack, A Nation Unprepared, Surviving The Aftermath, that was being released yesterday.

I love Ted Koppel, he was one of my favorite broadcast journalist, so I turned up the TV and sat close to the screen so I could watch the interview. I was shocked, amazed and a little bit scared about what he said could possibly happen and probably would happen, if one or all of our three grids went down, because of a cyberattack. It concerned me and got me to thinking, so I immediately purchased a Kindle Edition version of Ted Koppel's new book.  Here's the link to his CBS interview.

Several months ago, after talking to several friends, about everyone needing to have a one month food supply, for natural disaster emergencies I took it seriously, but I did nothing about it. Until one day when I was surfing the television and came across some home shopping channel.

I have never watched home shopping channels, because I have heard horror stories about people getting hooked and maxing out their credit cards, etc. and that was not for me, because most of the time I keep mine nearly maxed out.

But because the show's headline subject matter was something like 30-Days Emergency Food Supply Buckets—I clicked on the channel to watch. These beautiful women were selling these survival buckets of food for only $99.00 each and they would normally be sold for $299.00 or something close to that amount!

They were cooking the "just add water food" and talking about how easy it was and delicious they were. Anyway, as I watched the number of units being sold sky-rocket, at the bottom of the screen, with just a little time and units left to buy—I skipped over to my purse.

Ah ha! There were my glasses! So I put them on and then as fast as I could I pulled out a credit card. Then I rushed over to the phone and dialed the toll-free number. "Yes, this is "me" and I want to buy two buckets for Tony and me...!" I gasped because I was out of air, praying that I was not too late to save Tony and my lives.

After placing my free-shipping order, I skipped outside and told Tony what I had done for our future existence. He unenthusiastically remarked, "Great."

Then I jumped into Trigger and went over to Kinky's Lodge to brag some more about what I had just done. And to say the least, Kinky rolled his eyes and puffed on his cigar. He didn't seem real impressed with my news either.


As soon as Kindle downloaded Ted Koppel's book, I sat down, with Little Debbie, on my lap and read the first three chapters. Then I took a break, because there was so much information and facts to absorb. And I was starting to feel a little bit depressed about the world we live in today. So I called a dear friend of mine to help lift my spirits.

After a short, fun visit, I told my friend about watching the Ted Koppel interview, earlier, my one-time-experience with a home shopping channel, to help save Tony's and my lives. Then I told my friend, "Hey, I know that I am a little bit out there, so to speak, but it can't hurt to be prepared. Right?"

"I think they are calling people like that Preppers, but I am not sure."

"Anyway, last week I purchased a sealable, orange bucket, from Home Depot, for a few bucks and I filled that bucket up with food. We now have three buckets!" My friend chuckled.

"What kind of food did you buy?"

"I went to the big H-E-B store and bought about 40 of these packets of Idaho Mashed Potatoes, Garlic Potatoes, etc. for less than a $1.00 each. You only have to add water and they each make four servings. So that way Kinky and Chet can eat with us, too."

"That's great, Nance. Y'all can have candlelight dinners since there won't be any electricity," My friend joked and then we both started laughing. "How is Chet doing?"

"He's fine and fixing' to head back out, to Terlingua."

"But I am not done yet. I knew those potato packets wouldn't fill the bucket completely up, so I started looking at all of these canned vegetables and fruits shelf-life dates and bought a bunch of them, too. And the good news is the potato packets and canned goods don't expire until 2018! So I figure if we don't have a disaster by 2018, Tone and I will become full-time vegetarians, for a while, until we eat it all up. Of course that is, if our own shelf-life hasn't already expired."

Y'all have a great evening!

P.S. I love Ted Koppel's book and plan to finish reading it tonight. I hope y'all will check it out, too.

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