Sunday, October 4, 2015

Happy Birthday Karin Pohlmann!

Today has been great. Y'all my mushroom farm is so totally incredible! Last Friday I posted this picture of of my organic oyster mushroom farm.

And yesterday Tony and I were stunned when I went into Outer Space to mist them for the second time, because all you have to do to grow these mushrooms is simply mist them twice a day. These are the pictures that I took of them yesterday.

And this morning, Tony and I were so shocked by how much they had grown in twenty-four hours, all we could do was laugh.

And the good news is—we get to harvest and eat them this coming Tuesday. If you think that you might want to  be an organic, oyster mushroom, farmer too, I highly recommend that you buy "Back To The Roots" mushroom farm

Well today has been a quiet day for us, but before I finish writing this, I want to wish Karin Pohlmann, our dear, German-Cowgirl friend, a Happy Birthday! "We love you Karin and we hope that this is your best birthday ever! And please tell Air Gun howdy!"

Y'all have a great evening!

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Karin Pohlmann said...

Thank you very much Nancy