Sunday, June 7, 2015

The Blue Chair!

Saturday was so great. In the late afternoon Kinky called me to tell me that our good friends Ryan and Donna Hatch were over at the Lodge visiting him and that they had a 2015 Kerrville Blues & Roots Workshop t-shirt  to give to me. "Omg, can I come over?" I asked.

Two minutes later, I was hugging Donna and Ryan, in Kinky's kitchen, thanking them for giving me Ryan's expensive ticket to attend that awesome Blues workshop, at the Kerrville Folk Festival, taught by the incredibly talented, great Blues man, Reverend Robert B. Jones. And a few seconds later, they handed me the super cool t-shirt.

Then we all went outside to visit on Kinky's front porch. We laughed and talked about Robert's awesome workshop, guitars, the all of the wonderful and much needed rain that we luckily all received and the David Crosby's concert. "Tony can't go to it tonight, because he's feeling puny and I really want to go to it, because I love David Crosby so much," I said. "So when Tony cancelled on me, I called our dear friend Steve Pietzsch to see if he wanted to go with me instead. He loves Crosby as much as I do and he saw him in a Dallas concert, years ago and he told me that it was the night that David Crosby got busted. He told me that David played one set and then he went off stage and was immediately arrested for drugs. I really want to go, but I am night blind."

"Nancy," Donna said. "Why don't you let Ryan and me come pick you up and take you back home, so you can get to see Crosby? We'd love to do it..." After I asked them to let me think about it and call them back Tony showed up to visit with us.

Then we all sat and listened to several of the incredibly great cuts, off of Kinky's new CD, scheduled to be released in October. And Ryan and Donna loved it, too. And, before Tony and I hugged and adios-ed our dear friends I told them about how much I loved the Science Channel, especially their informative shows: NASA's Unexplained Files and MythBusters.

When we got back home I was still "on the fence" about going to David Crosby's concert, at the Kerrville Folk Festival, because I love him, but I didn't want Donna and Ryan to have to spend a lot of wasted time to come pick me up and take me back home. And fifteen minutes later, after purchasing a ticket Online, I said, "Tony, would you mind going outside to find me one of our collapsable chairs to take to the concert?"

At 7:45 I carefully parked and locked up Trigger, in the Kerrville Folk Festival's 12th row, in their parking lot, across the highway from the music festival and I was proudly wearing my new, super cool, burgundy colored, 2015 Kerrville Folk Festival Blues & Roots Workshop t-shirt that Ryan and Donna had given to me earlier. But I felt naked, crossing the highway, without carrying my new guitar, in my hand. Then things went south.

When I arrived at the amphitheater, I couldn't find Donna or Ryan anywhere, so I walked up and planted my blue collapsible chair next to a sweet-looking, gray-haired woman like me, that had two quilts spread out in front of her, on the ground and said to her, "I'm lost and I can't find my friends. Would you mind me sitting next to you?"

She smiled at me and shook her head up and down. So I opened up and planted the blue chair and then I took off to go buy a Coke, but instead ended up with a Dr. Pepper, because they had run out of it.

On my way back, I got turned around and could not remember exactly where I had left the blue chair, which was no big deal to me, because this happens all of the time to me. Anyway, I finally found my blue chair or so I thought.

I sat down in a blue chair, that looked just like mine, but the old woman and quilts were gone now and she had been replaced by a handsome, 40ish-looking, kind man, that uncomfortably looked and smiled at me, as I sat down, in the blue chair.

After looking at hundreds of blue chairs, that looked just like mine, it took me about three minutes to realize that I was not sitting in my blue chair, because my chair, bought from Walmart years ago, had black legs—not silver ones like the one I was sitting in, so I said to the nervous looking stranger, sitting beside me, "Sorry, I think that I am lost and I don't think this is my blue chair after all." Then I got up and quickly walked away, to hopefully go find my blue chair.

As luck would have it I finally found my blue chair, far back, on the right side of the stage area. When I laughed and joked to the nice, friendly woman about me getting lost and accidentally sitting in someone elses' blue chair, she laughed with me. And while I was sitting next to her and her family and listening to some great musicians, I kept looking around hoping to spot our dear friends Donna and Ryan.

To Be Continued...(Sorry, Mari. This is a pretty long story with a happy ending.)

Y'all have a great evening!


Lola said...

Glad that there will be a happy ending. And glad you got to go to the concert.

It was a few months ago now, but I saw Bill Christman and we shared stories of each of our visits at the ranch. I think everyone in earshot thought we were having a Cousin Nancy Fan Club Meeting! xoxo Lori

cousin nancy said...

Hi Lola! Ah, that explains why my ears were burning. I am a big fan of you and Bill and I hope that y'all will come back and see us.

P.S. Please give Bill a hug for me and ask him to give you a hug for me. Take care and keep on laughing!

Fay said...

I'm proud of you, Nance! Takes a lot to go to something like that by yourself. I drove that road at dusk back to Koyote and I still remember your advice if a deer runs out "Don't brake it, take it". Great advice, and fortunately nothing flew or jumped out at me!!
Sorry about Tony's chair, no doubt you'll get another one in real soon so he can listen to his music while he's fishin' LOL
Take care xx

cousin nancy said...

Hi Fay! Thanks for your comment. I am so glad that nothing jumped out or flew out when you were driving back to Koyote, on 16, at dusk, because what I meant to tell you was, "Brake it and take it, so you won't swerve and go off the road and hit a tree, etc." And the good news is Tony now has a new, blue fishing chair and you're not in a wheelchair. So all is good and that's the way we like it.

Fay said...

Nance, I'm quite sure you DID say "Brake it and take it", but that was a year ago and I get easily distracted and don't remember things exactly, so, who wants to go on a bike ride... ; )) Love ya Nance!

cousin nancy said...

Hi Fay! I am still laughing.