Thursday, June 4, 2015

Tension Convention!

Like Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, today has been great, too. Early Monday afternoon, after I had finished writing a grant proposal, Tony and I went to Kerrville to run a few errands.

We ate lunch at our favorite Thai restaurant, Thai Ocha. We had invited Kinky to join us and even though he couldn't join us he was adamant, on the phone, about Tony and I ordering anything, on their menu, except for their delicious #4, because that is what Tony and I always order.

Seriously, it really drives him crazy, so to ease our Thai food tension convention—we decided to at least try their famous Thai Iced Tea, instead of getting regular iced teas like we always do, with our delicious #4s.

When Ju, our sweet waitress and new found friend, delivered our drinks to us I grabbed my iPhone, out of my purse and took this picture of my delicious-looking Thai Iced Tea, before I stirred it with my straw and took my first sip.

After taking our first sips of the Thai Iced Teas, Tony and I looked at Ju. "Do you like it?" She asked.

"Omg!" I said. "I love it!" And then Tony agreed with me. "This is my new favorite drink...."

I didn't blog on Tuesday, because we spent most of the morning and early evening mowing.

Wednesday afternoon we met our dear friends: Kris & Jim and Les for lunch, at Brew Dawgs, in Kerrville and it was so much fun. And believe it or not—Tony and I did not order the same thing to eat as we usually do. 

Of course, we both ordered iced teas, but Tony had their Brisket Po'Boy and I ate only half of my huge, delicious Brisket Stuffed Baked Potato, while we laughed and talked about our favorite television shows: Longmire and Netflix's new smash hit series, Grace & Frankie, etc. And I didn't blog last night, because I was over, at Kinky's Lodge, listening to several of his fabulous tracks, on his new CD, that should be coming out, in the near future.

I've spent most of my day today doing more paperwork, which is tedious, exhausting and very boring to me. In about thirty minutes from now, Tony and I plan to go back outside to finish up the mowing and weed-eating before our next rain event, that Jared Silverman, on KENS-5 TV, says is going to happen as early as next Wednesday and Thursday.

And that's about it for today. Maybe tomorrow will be a little more exciting, but not too exciting.

Y'all have a great evening!


samalaska said...

That drink looks slurpily superlative.

We sure do miss y'all. Karen and I will be back in Bandera and Hunt (for The Legends Hunt Store show with Gary P. Nunn) the week of the 22nd. We'd love to come visit the critters and pass along a donation. Hopefully, the Gandhi-like figure will be on the premises.

We haven't been to the Utopia Rescue Ranch in several years. Kinky and I met in Kerrville in 2003. He gave me his phone number and had me out to the Ranch a few times where we hauled trash with Brownie and Magoo, drank copious amounts of coffee at The Lodge, discussed novels and world events, and played endless tennis ball with Magoo Friedman. He introduced me to you and Tony and we shared some delicious spaghetti you made. He called Karen once when I asked him to while she was in the hospital in Austin having a kidney transplant. It lifted her spirits immeasurably.

We've been in Alaska since 2006 and miss our beloved Texas beyond words. Nancy: you, Tony and Kinky have never left our hearts and minds. Not even 4000 miles away. Just wanted to throw a Magoo tennis ball your way.

Sam Rhodes and Karen Hamilton
Anchorage, AK

cousin nancy said...

Hi Sam and Karen! Thanks for the comment and please do come see us!