Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Part II: The Blue Chair!

And as luck would it—I spotted Ellen and June, our dear friends/volunteers over by Julia's and Andy's pillow booth. (Remember two Sundays ago I blogged about Ellen coming out with her friends Julia and Andy, the pillow people, so they could see our rescue ranch and do a little birdwatching, in The Okay Coral.)

So I jumped out of the blue chair, said goodbye to the nice woman and then I skipped over to greet them. Like me, June and Ellen were totally surprised to see me there and they could not believe that I had come to the festival without Tony. And because those sisters are such nice women they invited me to come sit with them, on the bench seats, on the other side of the stage.

This is a picture that I took, as soon as I finally found the blue chair. The blue quilt, lower right hand corner, belonged to the nice lady who had let me sit by her.

Because the blue chair was extremely difficult for me to clasp my thumb and index finger around two of its legs, I picked it up, propped it up against my shoulder, like the marching, rifle people do, in parades and then I followed Ellen and June to their bench seats.

I ended up sitting on the end of the bench, next to June and while I was wrestling with the stupid blue chair, trying to get it to go under the bench, Donna and Ryan walked up and greeted me. "We're so glad that you decided to come to the festival. Tony, called us right after you left and he told us that you were coming and to be on the lookout for you. We also brought a blue chair for you to sit in. Why don't you come sit with us and our friends? We're sitting just a few rows back." So I thanked June and Ellen for taking me under their wings and letting me sit with them and then I once again wrestled with the blue chair.

Before I sat down, in their blue chair, Donna and Ryan introduced me to their nice friends and one of them was an original member of the famous 13th Floor Elevators. Once seated, I placed my blue chair, on the ground, between Donna's and my blue chairs. Then I started visiting with Donna and that's when we decided to go backstage, with a couple of other friends to watch the fabulous Bluegrass band, Wood & Wire, finish up their set, before David Crosby came on stage. And it was fun, even though I didn't get to meet Crosby.

David Crosby looked great, he was funny and his voice and songs mesmerized me until a sweet friend of Donna's and Ryan walked up to greet them, because I heard her tell Donna that she had forgotten to bring a chair. "Here," I said. "You're welcome to use my blue chair." Then I happily handed off the blue chair and then sat back and enjoyed the rest of the concert.

David Crosby played for nearly one and a half hours and his concert was greater than great. When it ended Donna and Ryan took off to go backstage and because it was way past my bedtime I decided to go ahead and leave before the final set. Even though Ryan and Donna had offered to drive me, after the concert ended, to row 12, where I had left Trigger.

And before I walked away, I told their friend to please thank Ryan and Donna for letting me sit with them and then I said, "Oh, and you can have the blue chair, too. I don't want it, because there are too many blue chairs here. I'm going to buy me a pink one, so it will be easier to spot next year."

I made it home safely and I drove 40 all of the way home and I only saw one car on the road and it was way far behind me. I am glad that I drove slow, because I almost hit a fox and then had to brake hard for a cute armadillo, crossing the highway.

I walked inside, The Cabin, a few minutes before midnight and our dogs greeted me at the door, because Tony was already sound asleep.

Sunday morning when I was starting to tell Tony about the concert, he interrupted me and asked, "Where's my blue chair?"

"I gave the blue chair away. I'm sorry, I didn't know it was yours. Anyway, I didn't want to have to drag it back home...."

After I had told Tony the entire story of the blue chair. Tony was frowning. "Nance, I loved the blue chair. It was the one that I bought, because it was wired with built-in speakers, so I could plug in my iPod and listen to my music. It was my fishing chair."

"I'm sorry I didn't know that," I apologized. "I thought it was just another blue chair. I'll buy you another one this week, but can we please get you a different color?"

"No, because I think they only come in blue." His words gave me the Blues, so I grabbed my guitar and went, into Outer Space, to practice playing the Blues scales that I've recently learned.

I am so glad that I got out of my comfort zone and made myself go see David Crosby, at the Kerrville Music Festival, because it was a wonderful night that I shall long remember. And it was a night that Tony will not forget until I replace the blue chair. And that's about it for tonight.

Y'all have a great evening!


Mari of the NoMads said...

Ok, so Part I spoke of a "happy ending" and I patiently waited two DAYS for it.

And then I read Part II and found myself weeping, gnashing my teeth and all but rending my garments about Tony's heartbreaking loss of his beloved blue fishing chair!

I am still beset with grief - please restore the planet to an even keel - buy Tony a new blue fishing chair soon!

cousin nancy said...

Hi Mari! I loved reading your hilarious comment. So wipe away your tears, go to the dentist to see if you damaged your teeth and buy some new clothes, because I bought Tony a new, blue fishing chair tonight!

Mari of the NoMads said...

NOW that's a happy ending! BIG SMILE on my face now!

(But surely everyone in Kerrville today must've thought they were looking at an old woman recovering from a 'bender' in view of my red-rimmed eyes and the broken teeth that remain from my agonized sobs!)

cousin nancy said...

Hi Mari! I am still laughing! Let's do lunch sooner than later.