Monday, December 1, 2014

Next Generation!

Today has been great. I am on day three of my healthy juicing fast and several people have warned me about day three being the roughest day of the fast and if I can get past day 3—it's a piece of cake or better yet—that I'll feel great and it will be easy to finish the 10 day raw vegetables and fruits juice fast.

Day 2 was easy for me and last night Carol had sent me an email requesting that I watch this must-see,  fabulous documentary about getting healthier and juicing. So last night, I sat down in my chair which is now Roy's official chair and watched Hungry For Change, with Roy on the floor sleeping, next to "his chair" with Little Debbie and Alice, curled up, in my lap.

It was the most amazing, informative and inspiring documentary I've watched since watching Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead. Belle and Beau didn't get to watch it with us, because they were back, in Tony's office/ man cave, watching another documentary with Tone.

 When I woke up this morning I was feeling great and full of energy. So I slipped on my pink hoodie sweat shirt, because it was 64 degrees outside and then went outside and started doing my share of our morning chores.

After I fed "my dogs" the wind picked up and the temperature dropped, so I walked back to The Cabin and put on a heavy jacket and my gloves. Then I went back outside to clean "my dogs" pens. When I was nearly done cleaning up the dog pens, the temperature was fluctuating between 49 and 51 degrees and the wind was picking up and that's when Tony arrived back, at the rescue ranch. And later, after he did his chores, he told me, "It was 61 degrees outside when I left here this morning. Now, I wish that I had stayed home and done my chores early like you did..." as we drank our Mean Green juice.

This afternoon, we met our Lunch-A- Month dear friends, at Brew Dawgs Grill & Ale, in Kerrville, on 173, next door to Papa Johns and it was a lot of fun and it was filled with laughter. Even though I only drank ice water for lunch, it was not a problem for me, as everyone ate their delicious-looking meals and raved about how good their food was.

When we got back home, Carlton was flashing, on top of the breakfast bar, so I pushed his button, to listen to the six new messages. Three were rescue ranch related. And one was from Kinky, requesting an updated weather report. The other two were from Carol, requesting that I call her as soon as possible, because she had some exciting news to tell me about discovering a fabulous place that has a juice bar, in Kerrville, where we can go to for a juice lunch. "Call me, Nancy! I can't wait to tell you all about it!" Click.

Before I returned Kinky's and Carol's phone calls, Tony watched Hungry For Change, in the big room, while I made myself a delicious fruit juice for my lunch and then threw away almost everything that was inside our refrigerator and then I cleaned it, so I could replace it with fresh veggies and fruits. And the reason that Tone watched the documentary was because I had begged him to do it, all of our way home. And to say the least, "Tony loved watching the informative and inspiring documentary, too."

After I called Kink, I called Carol back. She raved non-stop about Next Generation Produce, located at 905 Sidney Baker, in Kerrville. "Nancy, the young couple are the nicest and friendliest people, and they knew the names of their returning customers and the place was packed. I checked it out on FaceBook when I got home and it has nearly 900 Likes! It is open 7 days a week from 10 - 6 PM. We've got to go there. It's a local farmer's market and their juices are incredibly delicious and you're going to love it..." Then we talked about juicing recipes, because Carol is juicing with me and it is Day 2 for her.

When our fun conversation ended I checked my e-mail. Our good friend Les, that we had seen earlier today, at lunch, had sent me an awesome dog video to watch, where this young woman performs with her incredibly talented Blue Healer, during a 2014 Philadelphia Eagles halftime show. It is a an amazing video and it was so much fun to watch. Click here, if you want to enjoy it, too. And that is about it for Day 3 (tonight).

Y'all have a great evening!


Mari of the NoMads said...

Nancy, while you are on this altogether-too-healthy-sounding juicing diet/fast, please post something here daily, lest some of us blog followers feel the need to send out EMS technicians bearing pizza, barbecue, tacos or ice cream - the better to revive you from your "weakened state" swoon!

cousin nancy said...

Hi Mari! I am still laughing as I type this! I have tried not to write about my "juicing days" too much, because I figured it would be boring to most, even though I absolutely love juicing for so many reasons.

Tonight, I promise to post some juicing news and thank you for caring and being ready to send out an emergency "junk food truck squad" to revive me, in case I have turned green or orange or fallen into a crack. YOU crack me up!