Sunday, December 14, 2014

Tree House!

The last few days have been great, but nothing exciting has happened out here, probably because they have been gray, drizzling days and all I wanted to do was stay warm inside The Cabin.

This past Friday morning after Tony and I did our chores outside, we decided to work on B.B. King's pen, because an old cedar tree had fallen down, on the top of his dog house and instantly converted it to a tree house, inside B.B. King's pen. Because Tony will not let me go near a chainsaw, he cut up the timber and fallen branches while I tried to remove most of his cuttings, from the dog pen. This is what we still have left to do to finish the job.

By the time our dear friends Kris & Jim arrived, both of our backs were killing us, so we called it a day for tree removal work and instead we had a fun visit with Kris and The Mineral Man, before going to lunch with them, at La Fours, in Kerrville. (I only had a cup of their delicious seafood gumbo, because I was still full from juicing earlier.)

When we got back to the ranch, we laughed when we saw B.B. King walking up and down one of the nearly downed cedars, so I grabbed my camera and took this picture of him. Then I took this picture of Mr. King to use on our website.

This afternoon Tony and I went to Kerrville. Our first stop, at the crack of noon, was at the Next Generation Produce, because we wanted to drink their Bear Pear juice and I needed to buy some more organic fruits and vegetables. 

We ordered our delicious juices and while I was shopping around the cool store, Tony also ordered a shot of their Tumeric, ginger and lime juice, without me knowing it and he drank it before I returned to get my Bear Pear juice. When he told me about drinking a shot of that powerful juice, I ordered one too, after I had read about its many healing benefits, while sipping my Bear Pear juice.

Then we went to the big H-E-B store, on Main Street, so we could get groceries—mainly fruits and vegetables and then we came back home.

This afternoon it was still gray and drizzling, not my favorite kind of day, because I am a sunshine person and I need a lot of it. Anyway, around 4:00, the sun came out! I was thrilled about the sunshine and asked Tony to go outside with me so I could try to take some better pictures of Hazel and Katee Sackoff for our website.

When we got outside, we decided that I would try to get pictures of Hazel, while he tried to take a good picture of Katee, in Springsteen's pen, because we weren't sure how long the sunshine would last. And I am glad that we did, because it got cloudy twenty minutes later and it has stayed that way. Here's my best picture of Hazel, who never changes her expression. She is about four-years-old and here's Tone's picture of sweet Katee who is only about one year old and is medium-sized. (And her face looks just like Tony's Belle.)

When we came back inside The Cabin I cooked dinner for Tony and me using two new delicious vegan recipes. I cooked Drew's delicious Indian (Meatless) Cutlets recipe that tastes just like meat and believe it or not the main ingredients are: walnuts, bread crumbs, eggs and cottage cheese. Yes, I know that doesn't sound delicious, but it was and Tony ate two cutlets and he is or was a meat and potatoes only kind of a man. Here's a picture of his cutlets before he devoured them.

I also fixed us yams, which he has always disliked. I found this easy to make vegan recipe, on the Internet, with these main ingredients: yams, chili powder, butter and a small amount of brown sugar. Omg! It was totally delicious and Tony took second helpings of it! And when he handed me his empty plate to clean, he said, "That's the first time that I have ever liked yams. You need to fix us yams, like these, more often. I can't believe I love yams now and..." And that is about it for tonight, because we're going to watch the Cowboys game.

Y'all have a great evening!


Mari of the NoMads said...

Sorry to have missed you at Next Generations Produce today, Nancy! I got there about 3:45 and bought 2 juice drinks - the Colby and the Dreamsicle - for supper and late snack. And I can guarantee you that both delicious drinks are G-O-N-E and I am remaining quite full ! Lots of energy now to wrap more Christmas gifts, thanks to the fresh juices!

Anonymous said...

Umm Nancy, eggs, butter and cottage cheese are not vegan, ;). I'm about 90% vegan and working on becoming 100%. You have inspired me to start juicing.

cousin nancy said...

Hi Anon! You're right. I guess I should have said "meatless." That is cool about you being 90% vegan and working on becoming 100%. I promise that you'll love juicing, so start as soon as you can. Thanks for the comment.

cousin nancy said...

Hi Mari! I'm sorry that we missed you at Next Generation Produce, too. I am so glad that y'all are getting hooked on their delicious juices like we are. Everyday you are going to start feeling better and better with a lot more energy and getting healthier. It is totally amazing. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Lacto Ovo Vegetarian. Look it up - it's real.

cousin nancy said...

Hi Anon. I looked it up and that is what I am right now. Thank you for letting me know about this. I never knew. I think it might be easier for me, because of my accent, to simply say, "I don't eat meat." : )