Monday, December 15, 2014

Where You Go!

Today has been great and the sun has been shining all day! This morning after Tony and I did our chores outside I went over to the Lodge for a fun visit with Kinky. And by the time we were ready to adios each other, Kinky was interested in juicing and its benefits and he wants to try some of the different juices that were drinking everyday.

This afternoon Tony and I went to Kerrville to eat lunch and then run a few errands. I was prepared to cook us another "meatless lunch"again, but I thought Tony needed a break from our super healthy meals that I've been making.

On our way to Kerrville, Tony and I decided to eat lunch, at Billy Gene's restaurant, because we love their food and their super good vibes. When we pulled into the parking lot, I started laughing after reading Billy Gene's hilarious street sign. And when Tony read it, he burst out laughing, too, so I took a picture of it, so I could include it in tonight's post.

When Tony started to pull into a parking space I looked over and said, "That looks like Eileen's truck. I bet she and Wayne are here."

"I'll bet you a nickel that they aren't," Tony teased, because we love to bet each with other about all kinds of things, but we never bet money, because it would take the fun out of it.

When we walked inside Kerrville's popular restaurant it was crowded as always and there were a few tables and booths unoccupied, so the waitress immediately asked us to follow her to a table. On our way, Tony said, "Well hello, Wayne and Eileen. How are y'all doing?..." I loved it, because I had won another bet with Tony and I was now five cents wealthier! If he pays me.

While we were waiting, at our table, to be served our delicious, healthy lunch choices, Eileen and Wayne waved to us and left. Three minutes later, Eileen returned to our table. "Nancy, I bought this last week, in San Antonio, for Little Debbie. I hope you like it..."

"Oh my goodness, Eileen! I love it and so will Little Debbie. You are so sweet to have gotten this for her. Look Tony. It is too cute! Thank you, Eileen...."

After we ate our delicious lunch we ran the rest of our errands and then we came home. And the first thing I did was take a few pictures of Eileen's little present for Little Debbie and then I half-hollered, down the hallway, "Tony! I need for you to please help me...." Five minutes later, after Tony had helped me. I downloaded these pictures on my camera, for tonight's post. Here are the pictures of Eileen's present for Little Debbie and then Little Debbie modeling it for the camera, in between a tiny power nap.

As soon as we "wrapped" Little Debbie's camera shoot, I removed her sombrero and took it inside, because I had some work to do. The work that I did was to find a screw, the screw drill and then drill the screw, into the big room's wall, next to one of my cowboy hats, so I could display Little Debbie's hat right next to mine. Then I took this picture.

And that is about it for tonight, but before I go, I want to show you the picture that I took of Billy Gene's hilarious road sign, because I am still laughing about their daily words of wisdom. (Please note that I think that Billy Gene's restaurant should be voted #1 for having the funniest and most creative signs, in Kerrville."

"No Matter Where You Go
There You Are"

Y'all have a great evening no matter where you are!

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