Saturday, November 29, 2014

The Countdown Has Begun!

Today has been great. This morning I started my 10 day juice fast that only allows me to drink raw fruits and vegetables! At 9:00 this morning, Tony and prepared Joe Cross' Mean Green juice recipe and we added carrots to ours. And starting tomorrow, after we go to town, to buy more fruits and vegetable, we will also be adding Spirulina and a very tiny amount of beet to our super healthy Mean Green juice recipe.

I've decided to take pictures of the of all of the ingredients I use for each juice I drink, before I juice them and then take a picture of the amount of juice it actually makes. So here goes.

Breakfast:  Our Mean Green juice recipe that we both drank. Very tasty. It is made with celery, apples, kale, ginger, carrot, cucumber and lemon.

Lunch: Mixed fruit using peaches, strawberries, cantaloupe, pineapple,grapes, blueberries, banana and    orange. It made a little over 12 ounces and it was totally delicious!

Then our dear friends Suellen and Barry came out to pick up Longmire, because they want to foster him! They renamed him Sheriff Longmire and all of us were thrilled for the little sheriff, but not as much as he was.

Y'all are not going to believe what happened one and a half hours later—Longmire's roommate, Ringo Starr, got adopted and he is going to live in Medina! It is too hard for me to tell if it was Longmire or Ringo Starr who couldn't wait to leave our rescue ranch, so I guess I will call it a tie.

As soon as "Ringo has left the building" Tony and I jumped into Kermit and took off to B.B. King's pen, so we could put him in Ringo's and Longmire's empty pen. Tony walked Mr. King to his new pen and I followed behind, on Kermit.

2:30 Snack: Spinach and blueberries. Delicious and the next time I make it, I'm tossing in some ice cubes. All of that food only made about 2 ounces. Excerpted from the 728 pages book, the big book of juice  "....a fast delivery of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, carbohydrates, chlorophyll and countless other phytonutrients (nutrients derived from plants) to boost health...."

At 3:00, we closed our rescue ranch for the day and went over to Carol's ranch, so we could visit with Bill & Carol and her lovely family. And, I took Tony's book the big book of juices, because Carol & Bill can't wait to start juicing after Tony and I told them and Jeff & Lorrie and this book. That is the best book written about juicing. 

When we arrived at Carol's ranch, after howdies and hugs, Carol tells me that she is going to do the raw vegetables and fruits fast, starting tomorrow! And today Lorri had sent her an e-mail telling her that she has started the ten day raw vegetables and fruits fast, too. 

Then all of us started talking about the great health benefits of juicing, the life-changing documentary Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead, organic gardening, eating healthy, etc., as Bill thumbed through the book and found and read to us some very delicious sounding juice recipes to make, along with their health benefits. 

As I finish writing this tonight, I am not feeling hungry at all. So, my ten day, healthy, fast countdown has begun and it feels so good knowing that each day that I do it, I am going to be getting healthier and healthier. Life is good.

Y'all have a great evening!

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