Saturday, December 6, 2014

Day 8 Breakfast Juice Was Totally Delicious!

Today has been great so far, but it is still early. This morning, when Tony came back home, I pulled the vegetables and fruits, etc. out of the refrigerator, to make us "Cousin Nancy's Mean Green Juice."

In the beginning I started out using Joe Cross' delicious Mean Green recipe, but since then I have added a few more ingredients to it. This morning we each drank the juice of one pear, one apple, a pile of kale, two stalks of celery, one cucumber, one carrot, a small portion of beet and ginger, half of a lemon and then two full tablespoons of Chia seeds that I later blended into the juice, using Jaws, our fabulous Vita-Mix machine. And here's a picture of our divided up ingredients, before we juiced them. (My vegetables and fruits for my drink are next to the Cuisinart juicer, because I always juice first—laugh out loud!)

Those healthy ingredients for each one of us made close to 18 ounces and besides our juice being so delicious knowing that those micro-nutrients we drank, with pleasure, went straight to work on detoxing us, so we plan to do this again for our lunch. I'll write more later.

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