Friday, December 5, 2014

Tiny Presents!

Day 7 of my rainbow juicing adventure has been great, but first I must tell you about yesterday Day 6.
Yesterday morning I woke up feeling full of energy, without even having to crank up the volume of B.B. King singing his awesome, live version of The Thrill Is Gone, because life was already good, at the rescue ranch.

At 7:45, I called my dear friend Harley Belew, at the radio station, to do The Harley Show, so I could do my weekly Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch segment and it was a lot of fun. Harley's Pet of the Week was Miranda Lambert, the sweet, eighteen-month-old, gentle, giant dog that is several inches taller than me, when she stands up on her two hind legs to kiss me. And she is even a foot taller than me if I am standing in one of her holes/crevices that she recently has dug out.

After doing Harley's popular radio show, on the Rev 94.3, I made myself a Mean Green juice and drank it and when Tony returned, from The Old Timer, in Medina, I made him one, too. Then I started doing a little paperwork until Carol called me.

Basically all we talked about was our healthy juice fast and by the time we had ended our fun conversation we had decided to start including whole foods (still only raw vegetables and fruits), because both Joe Cross and Dr. Furhman recommend it.

While Tony was outside beginning to do his part of our morning chores, I stayed inside to clean and mop our, old 30+ year old trailer aka The Cabin, because recently my sweet Little Debbie has decided that she would much rather leave us her tiny presents, on the floor, instead of going outside with our other dogs.

At 10:20, while I was throwing out her pee pad, that Little Debbie sometimes forgets about, the phone rang—it was my sweet sister. "Hey, Nance. I was just calling to..."

As soon as my sister and I adios-ed each other, I went outside and talked to Tony. Then I skipped back to The Cabin and started packing, while running my bath water.

At 11:00, I put my packed, leather duffel bag, in the back of Trigger, plugged in my iPod and then Trigg and I took off to go find Tony. "Tony, I'll try to be back by 10:00, in the morning. I love you and thank you for holding down the fort..."

Two hours later, we arrived at Ronnie's and Nita's ranch, in Dripping (Springs) and two minutes later, my sister Cindy arrived, so she could pick me up and take me back to her lovely home, in Austin and so I could leave Trigger parked, at The Ronderosa Ranch.

Later in the afternoon, Cindy and I decided to go to Kerby Lane Cafe, to eat lunch and the funniest thing happened to us. Just as she and I both grabbed the door handles, to walk inside the popular restaurant, this popular rock 'n roll song, from the 70's, that we both knew, but neither of us could remember the name, started playing real loud—like it was announcing our arrival. We both burst out laughing about it and as we each grabbed the next glass door handles to open, with the music in perfect timing with us. "Cindy, it's like we are in a comedy movie and we're the stars!"

We could not quit laughing about the timing of the song, as we tried to place our to-go orders, with a young man who must have thought that we were two, crazy, old women. I ordered a vegetable only salad and she ordered two tacos. And a few minutes later, as we were leaving, we were still laughing and the young man was shaking his head sideways and scratching the top of his weird-looking hat.

To Be Continued....(Sorry, Mari) because I am going to search my iTunes until I find that song that was playing as we opened the doors to go inside Kerby Lane Cafe.

Y'all have a great evening!

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Fay said...

Nancy, I'm hoping Miranda finds her forever home near you. I've been campaigning hard to get her a home near us, meaning her brother, Ranger aka "Blake Shelton". Problem is as usual: too big a dog. Meanwhile, Ranger is a great dog! Sweet as the day is long, obedient,handsome, he has it all going on. He comes to work w me each day and is an absolute gentleman. PLEASE: If you want one great dog: Adopt Miranda Lambert, my dog's sister xoxo