Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Dear Friends!

Saturday was so great thanks to our wonderful dear friends: Linda Forse, Rachel Fitch, Donna Hatch and The Kerrville Times, for helping us with that beautiful, donated diamond ring. And also a very special thanks to Kris & Jim Bobbitt for sponsoring (paying the cost) the Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch's rescued dog's annual Christmas dinner, with all of the trimmings! This year's delicious, trailer-cooked dinner will be the 16th rescue ranches' Christmas dinner for our super dogs!

Friday afternoon, the day before Donna's great article came out in the newspaper, about the stunning, 2.57 carat diamond ring to be sold as a fundraiser for our rescue ranch, Tony and I met Kris & Jim, at the Next Generation Produce, so we could treat them to their first Next Generation Produce's delicious juices. And so I could also pick up and pay them $100.00 cash for their new, still in the package, three, unused solar panels that came with an inverter and controller, because with Chet O'Keefe's help he is going to help me convert the Mother Ship to a completely solar RV and I can't wait for that to happen!

While we were sipping the delicious pink Dragon juice, we told our dear friends that we were fixin' to buy our dog's Christmas dinner, in the next few days, because The Bobbitts had told us that they wanted to pay for it. "Nancy," Jim said. "Here, you take this $100.00 back and use it towards the cost of the dog's dinner. Just let us know how much more we owe and we'll we'll write a check for it...." Then the four of us decided to go eat lunch together, at The Cracker Barrel. And that was a lot of fun and the food was delicious, too. Then we came back home and Tony and I put the heavy, solar panel box with its parts, inside the Mother Ship for safe keeping.

Late Saturday afternoon Tony and I went to Kerrville to do some late, last minute Christmas shopping and then we went to the big H-E-B, on Main Street and purchased our dog's tasty holiday dinner and the total cost was $167.19 and Kris & Jim saved $10.68!

Saturday night I was too tired to write anything, so instead I watched An Unfinished Life, a great movie starring Robert Redford and Jennifer Lopez. Then I went to bed and had weird dreams, all night long, about being in a big hurry, trying to make and serve hundreds of delicious, homemade juice drinks, to all of these strangers that had showed up, at the rescue ranch. And when I woke up Sunday morning—I was so totally exhausted, I drank a delicious cup of H-E-B's Texas Pecan coffee instead of a healthy juice, because I didn't want to go near our Cuisinart juicer until I was totally awake.

Today has been great, even though it has been a quiet day, because no unwanted strangers showed up wanting to drink my delicious juices—thank goodness. 

This afternoon, the cold front blew in and when the wind howled and the outside temperature began to drop, I dropped what I was doing and asked Tony to please help me put The Girls' sweaters on them, because Little Debbie was laying, on top of the floor vent, in the kitchen and she was refusing to share its warmth with Alice. 

A few minutes later The Girls were dressed—thanks to Tony. They both seemed happy to be wearing their winter outfits, even though Little Debbie's sweater was a little tight on her, because she has gained four ounces. Before I took this picture of her, I told Little Debbie, "After the holidays you're going on a diet, young lady." And she just closed her big eye and her little blind eye and pretended to be sleeping, on top of the floor vent.

Before I finish writing this tonight I want to tell Roy Rogers, my sweet, one-hundred-nine pound, four-legged soul mate, "Happy Belated Three Year Anniversary, Roy! We've been together since December 22, 2011! I love you so much and I am so grateful that you chose me to spend your life with and I am also so grateful that you don't like to wear clothes."

Y'all have a great evening!

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