Thursday, November 6, 2014

Road Trips!

Yesterday, while it was RAINING outside, thank goodness, I got a phone call from a nice woman that works, at the Kerr County Animal Services. She told me a sad story about an older woman recently passing away. This woman left behind a very sweet, female dog, that her children surrendered to the pound. She told me that this woman's dog was probably a Lab mix and that the dog had shyness issues and would we consider meeting her and possibly rescuing her, because the dog's time was running out.

I hate hearing stories like this because it always breaks my heart, so I said, "Yes, we might be able to help this poor dog. How much time does she have left? Because I know that we can't make it there today or tomorrow, because of all of the rain and possible flooding conditions. But maybe we could Friday afternoon, after our volunteers finish walking our dogs for us."

There was the sound of silence for a few seconds and then this kind-hearted woman trying to help this dog said, "Oh thank you so much! She's a really great dog, once she gets to know you. I'll make sure that we keep her until Monday, if that helps you out? And please, don't get on the roads just to come here in case it floods. The dog is safe and we'll definitely hold on to her until Monday..."

Early this afternoon Tony and I went to Kerrville. Our first stop was at El Sol de Mexico restaurant to eat a delicious lunch there and to take home a dozen of their tasty tamales, because everyone knows that they make the best tamales, in the Texas Hill Country. Or better yet said, "El Sol de Mexico Makes the Best Tamales on the Planet."

 After we left El Sol de Mexico we went to the pound, but it was closed until 1:00. It was 12:48, so we decided to wait, at the closed gate, for twelve minutes, but we didn't have to wait, because one of their friendly staff women came outside, waved to us and then opened up the gate to let us drive in. "Thanks for opening the gate," Tony said.

The smiling woman said, "It's not a problem! We'll always open it for y'all. Come on in, so I can show you this dog..."

Fifteen minutes later, I signed off on their paperwork, at their desk, then I went outside and pulled my new iPhone 5S (One of Tony's birthday presents to me this year.) out of my purse to take these pictures.

This is a picture of that woman's shy dog, already loaded inside our crate and I named her Hazel, because this dog wasn't shy acting with Tony and me or the friendly woman who helped us. And I think Hazel is an upbeat name for her, because I loved watching that television show. Here's Hazel!

I named this cute girl Katee Sackhoff, because she is the super cool actress that plays the character Victoria, a Deputy on Longmire—my favorite television show! It is not a very good picture of her, because she was so excited to be rescued, she kept jumping up and down, etc.

Here are Hazel and Katee already loaded up and ready to go to Hoegemeyer Animal Clinic. Hazel is in our crate and we put Katee in the smaller crate that we had to borrow from the pound. 

And we also rescued Longmire! This sweet little guy was so happy to get out of there, he wanted to drive us to Hoegemeyers, but Tony wouldn't let him drive, so I ended up holding him in my arms, on the short road trip over to the clinic. And please note that this little, handsome dog loves riding in cars and I hope that after he is neutered tomorrow morning, he will still want to go on road trips.

Before we adios-ed the friendly, helpful staff, at the pound, we had a fun visit with the staff, who were thrilled about us taking Hazel, Katee and Longmire. And one of the men Officers told us that he loved that we had named the little guy Longmire and that he had also spent some time working with Katee and he thought she was a very cool dog.

When Tony and I walked inside Hoegemeyers, Robin looked up from the desk and greeted us. Then I said, "We have three-incoming! We just rescued three dogs from the pound. And this little guy is named Longmire!

"I love Longmire!" Robin said. 

"The dog or the show?" I joked.

"Both. That's a really great name for this little fella..." 

And that is about it for tonight. And I'll keep y'all posted on Longmire's reaction about going on another road trip with us, when we pick him up, at Hoegemeyers, to bring him to the rescue ranch. 

And now I have some late breaking news! Tony has just walked into the kitchen and said, "Big G just told me that Chet is going to be playing again, at The Hunt Store, this Sunday from 1l:00 to 3:00, when they will be serving their famous brunch!"

Y'all have a great evening! 


Mary Sanders said...

Nancy, You give all your dogs such wonderful "Utopia" names till they find their forever names with their forever people!
It's past my bedtime here in Georgia and I'll have you and Tony to thank for sweet dreams of happy dogs!

cousin nancy said...

Hi Mary! Thank you for the sweet comment. Please come back to Texas, so we can meet you and do some cooking together.