Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Bill's Signature Dish!

Today has been great. This afternoon Tony and I went to Kerrville to buy groceries and a bottle of whiskey and to pick up Dude, that dog we rescued that belonged to that homeless young man, trying to get back to his parent's home, in California.

At the big H-E-B, with the exception of whiskey, I filled my shopping cart with all of the ingredients needed to make Ree Drummod's Peach-Whiskey Chicken recipe. Her easy to make, delicious recipe is on the Food Network, courtesy of Ree Drummond. So click on: Peach-Whiskey Chicken to check it out, because it has a Five-Star rating on the Food Network.

I luckily found out about Ree Drummond's Peach-Whiskey Chicken recipe, because of my dear friend Carol. When she told me that it was Bill's signature dish and how much she loved it and Bill, I knew I had to try the recipe

When I made it for Chet, Kinky and Tony they loved it more than me, because they all got second servings. Anyway, I hope that y'all will try it, because I promise you that it will become your favorite recipe, too.

Before we went to Hoegemeyers we stopped, at Spec's liquor store, so I could buy the whiskey for the recipe. And when I was paying the cashier, a woman standing behind me tapped my shoulder and loudly said, "Trust me. This woman is way over twenty-one-years-old." Then our dear friend, Gerri laughed, the cashier laughed, the people in line behind me and I laughed.

"Yes, it's true," I joked back, as the cashier handed me my bottle of booze, in a sack. "And this woman is way over the legal drinking age, too! Good grief, Gerri! It is so good to see you. How are you and Don doing?...."

When we arrived at Hoegemeyer Animal Clinic, I told Susan, "We're here to pick up Dude, but I want to change his name."

"I knew you would," Susan said, followed by a chuckle. "What's his new name?"

"I won't know until we meet him. I'll tell you in just a minute." Then we followed Robin to the kennels, in the back of the clinic, so we could meet him.

Oh my gosh, this great, once homeless dog, instantly stole my heart. His eyes are what did it for me, because they were full of love. Then Robin told us that he is really cool around other dogs, extremely sweet, but he does need to be leash trained. Then Robin showed us Daisy, a dog that we also rescued last week, from a man losing his battle with cancer, with little time left.

Last week this gentleman told me that Daisy had showed up at his place and she looked like she had been hit by a car, because she had a hard time getting to her feet. He told me that she was a sweet dog, but due to his medical costs he could not afford to take her to a vet and there is more to Daisy's story, but not for tonight, due to time.

She is a lovely, sweet dog, but because she needs three expensive, upcoming surgeries, because she was hit by a car, she is going to have to stay, at the clinic, for a while. Here is a picture of Daisy that he had e-mailed to me earlier. She is only one-year-old and is as sweet as she can be.

When Tony and I returned to the lobby, I told Susan, "His new name is B.B. King!" That made Susan laugh as she changed it on B.B.'s rabies certificate. "And because we already have a Daisy, I'm changing her name to Bonnie Raitt." Susan and the people, in the lobby, chuckled. Tony didn't laugh, because he wasn't there, because he had gone to the rest room.

"Robin and I knew that you would change her name too," Susan teased. "Bonnie Raitt is a great name for her." Then we watched B.B. King literally drag Robin, out the front door. "Let me help you, Robin!" I half-hollered. Then I turned around and joked, "Better her than me." Then I left the building, to go help Robin load B.B. into a crate.

Mr. King road great, inside his crate, in the Expedition aka Buttermilk. Before Tony put him in a temporary pen, I tried to take some quick pictures of B.B., but he was so excited, because some of our dogs were barking at him, I didn't get a good picture of him, but I promise I will in the next few days.

Before we drove on up to The Cabin, I took this picture of Springsteen and Katee Sackhoff together at last, in their pen, because they had been the welcoming committee that greeted B.B. King, to the rescue ranch.

After we put up our groceries, I started cooking the Peach-Whiskey Chicken recipe, for tomorrow's lunch, because I do that often, so we will have a, warmed, delicious meal awaiting us, when we finish up our chores outside.

I had just started browning the chicken when Carol called me. "Carol, I am putting you on Speaker Phone, because I have just started cooking Bill's signature dish..." We had a really fun visit, filled with laughter, that lasted as long as it took me to put the foil over the Peach-Whiskey Chicken dish and slide it into the 300 degrees oven, to bake for one and a half hours. And that is about it for tonight. I wish y'all could join us for lunch tomorrow.

Y'all have a great evening!

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