Friday, November 21, 2014

A Happy Thanksgiving!

Yesterday was great. After we did our morning chores outside Tony and I decided that we would go to the big H-E-B, in Kerrville, to buy the "people food" for our rescued dog's annual, upcoming Thanksgiving dinner. Then Kinky called me to ask if we wanted to meet him for lunch, in Kerrville.

Around 12:50, Tony and I walked into Wolfmueller's Books backdoor and greeted Sandy, who was busy working on her computer. After howdies and hugs, I told her, "We're meeting Kinky for lunch, at Conchita's and we would love for you and Jon to join us." Then we saw Kinky walk inside their front door and wave to us, in the back room.

At 1:00, Kinky, Tony and I crossed Main Street and then we went inside the popular Mexican food cafe, that actually offers "The Kinky Plate." Right after we had sat down, at our table, we saw our good friend, Kathy, walk inside the cafe. And after greetings we invited her to join us for lunch.

Kathy is the sweet wife of Dr. Craig Janssen, who owns Hoegemeyer Animal Clinic. She is a very pretty, upbeat, interesting, an ice skater and funny lady. After writing this last sentence, I have just realized that this sounds like I am am trying to adopt Kathy out and find her a good home, like I do with our rescued dogs, but I'm not because Kathy and Craig already have a great home. Anyway, our lunch with Kinky and Kathy was delicious and it was a lot of fun and filled with non-stop laughing. In other words, we were the loudest table.

When it was time to leave, Kathy insisted on treating all of us to lunch and before we adios-ed one another she gave me a hundred-dollar-bill and said, "Craig and I want you to use this money to help pay for your dog's annual Thanksgiving dinner. We thanked Kathy and asked her to thank Craig for us.
Then we adios-ed each other and then took off in different directions.

Tony and I jaywalked across Main Street and then went in the Wolfmueller's Books backdoor again, so we could visit with Sandy & Jon. And seconds later, while in the back of the bookstore with Sandy, we saw Kinky walk once again walk inside the bookstore's front door. When he saw us he started laughing and he joked, "We've got to quit meeting like this!" Then the five of us had a short, but fun visit, before we went to the big H-E-B store.

On the way to H-E-B, I told Tony, "That was so nice of Kathy and Craig wanting to help sponsor our dog's dinner. Kris and Jim have already offered to pay for the whole thing, so I guess you will need to pay first with the hundred dollar bill and then write a check for the remainder amount. Let's use two grocery carts and follow each other around the store, so I can get our stuff and you can get the dog's dinner..." And that's exactly what we did. Here is a picture of the receipt and total amount for our dog's Thanksgiving dinner and their people food.

When we were putting our groceries inside Buttermilk, I asked Tony how much the dog's dinner had cost and when he told me, I said, "Great, I can't wait to see Kris and Jim tomorrow and tell them about Kathy's and Craig's donation and that it will only cost them $47.97!"

Today has been great. June and Jim were the only friends/volunteers that came out today to walk our dogs and after they walked our dogs and handed our dog treats we went to the Koyote Grill for lunch, because Kris and Jim were going to meet us there.

After Tony and I placed our order, I went over to the table and told Kris and Jim that Craig and Kathy Janssen had given us $100.00 to help pay for our dog's annual Thanksgiving dinner and that the remaining amount was only $47.97. They told me they would write us a check for it.

Then June, unaware of what we had been talking about, came over to the table and sat down. "Nancy, I want to make a small donation for the dog's Thanksgiving dinner." Then she handed me three $20.00 bills. 

Then I joked to Kris and Jim, "Looks like y'all aren't going to have to pay for anything," I laughed and so did Kris and Jim. "June, we're not laughing at you and thank you very much..." Then I told her the dog's thanksgiving dinner donation story, how Kris and Jim had offered to pay for all of it and Kathy and Craig's $100.00 donation and that made her laugh, too.

"Well good," June said. "I'm glad I could help, too."

"Nancy," Jim said. "Let Kris and me pay for the dog's Christmas dinner. Okay?"

"I don't know?" I teased. "If things keep going like this, y'all might not ever get to pay for anything..."

As I finish writing this, it is nearly 4:00. I decided to write earlier than usual, because while we were up at Koyote, earlier today, we ran into our dear friend Jesse, the fabulously talented guitar player and his sweet daughter, that live across the highway from us. And Kris and Jim and Tony and I had a fun visit with them outside, in the parking lot, before we all adios-ed each other and drove away.

While we were stopped at the mailboxes and Tony was getting our mail out of our mailbox, Jesse and his daughter pulled up along side us, on Jesse's awesome Harley. "Nancy, I really want to check out your new electric guitar," Jesse said. "Do y'all have any plans for tonight?"

"We have no plans," I said.

"I hate to ask this, but would it be alright if Delores and me come over tonight?"

"Sure. That sounds great. I've named my new electric B.B. and maybe you can give me a short guitar lesson on how to play The Thrill Is Gone?..." 

And that is the reason why I am posting this now, because Jesse and Delores are coming over to see us and meet B.B., around 6:00 and I need to clean up The Cabin, so it doesn't look like Tony and I live here.

P.S. I almost forgot to tell you, that Jim told me that when they were at Hoegemeyers, Monday, he and Kathy Janssen were visiting and he mentioned to her that they were coming out here, Thanksgiving morning, to help prepare and feed our rescued dogs their annual home-(trailer) cooked Thanksgiving dinner and that's how Kathy knew about it.

Y'all have a great evening!


mary sanders said...

My babies also get a Thanksgiving dinner. This year it's ham and sweet potatoes. The rest of it isn't so dog friendly. They will enjoy the treats! Blessings on you for doing such a sweet dinner for your dogs!

cousin nancy said...

And blessings on you too. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your babies and know that I am thankful for our new friendship and that I cannot wait to meet you in person.