Tuesday, November 4, 2014

A Certain Dog!

Today has been great. This morning right before we were fixin' to go outside to do our chores Eloise called me to tell me that she was leaving Kerrville and on her way to the rescue ranch. She is a very nice woman that I talked to yesterday about her coming out today to possibly adopt a certain dog that she was especially interested in.

In yesterday's conversation with her, she told me, "My husband and I are old and we live on a small ranch. We have three, older rescued dogs. We love dogs, but we don't want a young dog, because it could be horrible for the dog if it outlived us..." When Eloise told me who they were interested in I almost teared up, because this certain sweet dog is eight-years-old and has been with us for too many years. After I told Eloise everything I knew about this super sweet, shy female dog, she asked me if she could come out.

Eloise arrived around 9:30 and Tony and I instantly liked her a lot. We could tell that she was a kind-hearted woman and she had the cutest personality. She could not wait to meet this certain dog. So, I told her, "Before I introduce you to her, please stay here and watch how she interacts with Tony and me first. Then we'll give you some dog treats, so you can give them to her when you meet her..."

This dog acted totally normal with Tony and me, as Eloise watched us. She was wagging her tail, jumping up on the fence to let us pet her, etc. Then we walked away, so we could get the treats, out of the barn and return with Eloise.

When we approached the dog pen, Ben Stiller came running back to greet us and Dusty Springfield aka La Toya Jackson backed off a little bit. When she watched Eloise give a treat to Ben she shyly walked up to the fence, to get a dog treat from Eloise. After Eloise fed her a couple of treats Dusty aka La Toya relaxed and stood up on the fence, so Eloise could pet her. "I love this dog," Eloise remarked. "I don't care if she is shy with strangers. That's not a problem for me. I definitely want to adopt her. Can I take her for a short walk, so we can get to know each other a little better?"

A few minutes later, Tony handed Eloise Dusty aka La Toya's leash. Eloise gave her another dog treat and then she started walking down the drive with this beautiful dog by her side.

When they returned Eloise asked me if she could drive out tomorrow morning to pick up Dusty aka La Toya, because she needed to get back to her home, near Fredericksburg, so she could remove the backseats in her Tahoe. I said, "Yes." Then I suggested, "To save you another long drive, we could meet you in Kerrville tomorrow?"

"That would be wonderful," she replied.

"No, wait. Tony and I have to go to Kerrville today to run several errands, so why don't we just drop her off today, at Hoegemeyer Animal Hospital and then you can pick her up tomorrow morning when it is convenient for you? We can do the adoption papers now and Tony can put her dog tags on a new dog collar and you'll be all set." Eloise loved the idea. Here are two pictures of Eloise signing off on the adoption papers, with Dusty aka La Toya watching.

Early this afternoon we dropped off Springfield / Jackson, at Hoegemeyers and Kinky, Tony and I are totally thrilled that this great dog finally found her fantastic, forever home, on the range! And that is about it for tonight, because Tony and I are fixin' to go over to the Lodge to visit with Kinky and Kent Perkins, sweet Ruth Buzzi's husband.

P.S. We want to thank Donna Hatch and The Kerrville Daily Times for being responsible for Dusty aka La Toya's adoption today, because she was their Utopia Pet of the Week, in that great newspaper this week! 

Y'all have a great evening!


Fay said...

So many wonderful adoptions lately, Nancy! So happy for you & Tony.

cousin nancy said...

Hi Fay! It is wonderful that we've had a lot of adoptions lately, because today we rescued three great dogs from the pound!