Sunday, November 16, 2014

Meet & Greet!

Today has already been great and it is still early! This morning, at 10:45, Katherine and Erin adopted Buddy, our super sweet dog that we called, The Ambassador, because we always try to put new rescued dogs with him, because he is so great with other dogs.

After Katherine and Erin adopted Buddy, I took this picture of them and with them putting a brand new dog collar on Buddy.

Before Sandy & Garnet's sweet daughter and granddaughter put Buddy into their car, I bent down and told Buddy how lucky he was and he looked up and kissed my cheek, which made me tear up, because I love this dog so much and am so happy for him getting a great home. But my tears quickly disappeared when Katherine told me about how well Ginger was doing with Garnet and Sandy's two other dogs and what a great dog she is.

After we adios-ed Buddy, Katherine and Erin they drove away, then Tony jumped into Kermit and drove away, too. And seconds later, Kermit and Tony returned with Longmire, in Tony's arms, because earlier this week, we had planned on putting Longmire, in the alley, next to Ringo Starr's pen, after Buddy got adopted, so they could meet & greet and hopefully become future running buddies.

The two, sweet fellas hit it off instantly with their tails wagging non-stop, so probably in just a few hours we will put Longmire in with Ringo.

Finally, the sun is shining brightly outside, thank goodness and with Buddy's SUPER ADOPTION this morning, this has already been a wonderful day for us. 

Y'all have a wonderful day, too!


Mary Sanders said...

Tonight I was reading about how people identify with bloggers they feel a kinship with and it hit home. I feel that my time reading about your dogs, your friends and your successful adoptions has affected me that you would definitely be a friend of mine.
I'm hoping to meet you and go dog -walking with your volunteers and enjoy a part of making your dogs successful adoptees. If I could do the same here, I would.
You guys are amazing.

cousin nancy said...

Hi Mary! Thank you for your sweet comment. I'm sure that we would become great friends with so much in common. Maybe you should think about moving to Texas. It is the greatest state and I am so proud of being a native Texan.

We always need good people like you out here helping us work with our super dogs. Our friends/volunteers are the cream of the crop and we love them so much. So move to Texas now! You won't regret it I promise. Life is about love and it is happening here and you won't regret it.