Saturday, November 15, 2014

We Are Family!

Friday and today have been great, but not very eventful. Basically, all I've done is do my morning chores outside, catch up on the paperwork, phone calls, cook, do the laundry, mess around with B.B., my new electric Telecaster, and get some more writing done on my third novella. And because there hasn't been any sunshine for the past several days, I've had the blahs, because I'm one of those people that requires sunshiny days.

Friday morning when I was checking my e-mail, Garnet sent me a picture of Ginger with their other two dogs: Bear and Lola, that really lifted my spirits, because if a dog we adopt out comes back to us, it will usually happen within the first few days. Garnet titled this cute picture, We Are Family! And I totally love it, because it truly says it all and it makes me so happy for Ginger that she has her a forever home.

Late this afternoon Tony and I had to go to the Home Depot, in Kerrville and we didn't really want to, but we had to, because Tony's wooden toilet seat, in his bathroom, down the hallway, broke in half. On our way there I teased Tony about his broken toilet seat, and I said, "Now, you know how I feel when you forget to lower the seat for me." He didn't laugh, but I did, because I thought it was funny.

After he picked out his new wooden toilet seat, that comes with a three-year warranty, just like his old one did, that lasted him ten years, we went to their garden section and bought some beautiful Pansies to put in Outer Space. And that cheered me up, because I was tired of looking at toilet seats.

Then we went to the little H-E-B and bought a few groceries and on our way back to Trigger, we saw our good friends Dick and Elaine, in the parking lot and we had a fun visit with them. We did a lot of laughing and I sure needed that. 

So tonight, as I finish writing this, Tony is in his /guest bathroom, happily installing his new wooded toilet seat. And I bet you, that in just a few minutes, he will ask me to come admire his new reseated throne. Which, of course, I will do, but I won't be bringing my camera along, because this kind of stuff is personal—something that you don't want the whole world to know about.

Tomorrow morning, Garnet's and Sandy's sweet daughter is coming out to adopt Buddy and we are thrilled for Buddy even though we're going to miss him. So I guess I could say, "Life is good," even though I'm fixing to go admire Tone's throne.

Y'all have a great evening!


Fay said...

Awwww! That photo with Garnet and her 3 pups is adorable. Love it!

cousin nancy said...

I love it, too and we love Garnet and Sandy. They are among the cream of the crop in Utopia, Texas.