Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Today has been great and I promise you that this will be a short post and a quick read.

This afternoon Tony and I went to our good friend Stan's music store, Melody Corner, in Kerrville, so I could buy an inexpensive electric guitar, because I am determined to learn how to play B.B. King's signature song, The Thrill Is Gone.

Kinky, Tony and I love Stan a lot and when Tony and I walked inside his super cool music store, Stan looked up, smiled and said, "Hi Cousin Nancy and Tony! It is so good to see you two." After greetings, I told Stan that I was looking to buy an inexpensive electric guitar. "Well, I've got a great, country-sounding electric to show you. It's the one hanging up, in the corner over there."

Then Tony says, "Stan, she's wanting a pink one. If you've got one." Then he and Tony chuckled.

"Sorry Cousin Nancy, I don't have any pink ones in stock right now."

I chuckled and then I said, "Stan, I'm actually looking for an electric, that I can play B.B.'s The Thrill is Gone on." After we had quit laughing about Stan assuming that I wanted a country-sounding electric, he showed me a Telecaster that was pretty and definitely the right price for me. In other words, It was cheap. "I like it and want to buy it."

"Great, but first let me play it for you, so you can check out it's sound. It has two pickups." Then Stan grabbed my Telecaster from the rack, sat down, on a stool and plugged my Telecaster into a nearby Marshall amp. Then he started playing B.B.'s most famous song that I absolutely love and never get tired of hearing. And he and it sounded so good it seriously blew Tony and me out of the saddle and it gave me instant goose bumps, because Stan is such an awesome musician and he can play any song and any musical instrument.

So tonight I am spending the evening messing around with my new Telecaster and here's a picture of it. And just so you'll know—I've already named it B.B. and I totally love it and the thrill is definitely not gone, because it is not pink!

Y'all have a great evening!


Mari of the NoMads said...

THANK YOU for posting something tonight! I was pacing the floor - needing to know just what you did on a cold, gloomy day like today.

As expected you still did something exciting (buy a new guitar).

That's why I live MY life vicariously through your blog - you bring a bright ray of sunshine to my humdrum days!

I can relax now - knowing that "I" had some fun today. :)

cousin nancy said...

hi, Mari! You are so sweet and your kind words made me smile. I think that you should go buy a cheap Telecaster copy like mine, from Stan, so we can jam together with my many musician friends, because making music can bring such joy. (Unless you're out of tune.)

Before Tony and I left the Melody Corner, Stan suggested that my "new band" be called, Cousin Nancy and The Rounders. I like that name and it made me laugh. So, in a "round" about way—let's start playing some music together! I know our dogs outside would love it!