Saturday, November 8, 2014

We Had It All Planned! or Utopia Skies! or Moose Playing Guitar!

Yesterday and today have been great. Friday morning around 10:30, I went outside to greet and visit with our good friends/volunteers. When I was talking to June, Ellen and Eileen about Ginger, the new Boxer, that we recently rescued, who is staying in my pink cabin's front yard, June said, "I want to meet her." So, we hoofed it down to my pretty, pink writing cabin.

As we took turns petting Ginger, Sandy & Garnet, our good friends, from Utopia, arrived with their daughter Kathryn and husband. Garnet had called me Thursday evening to ask if it would be okay for them to come out Friday morning, because they wanted Kathryn and her sweet husband to see our rescue ranch, meet our super volunteers and to also go to lunch with all of us, at the Medina Highpoint's Koyote Grill.

When Garnet got out of their car, she immediately noticed Ginger and remarked, "Sandy, they've got a Boxer! I love Boxers and have always wanted one." Then we hugged each other before introductions.

"Ginger's a great dog," I said, as Garnet went over to the gate to pet her. "Look! She loves you, Garnet." Then  her husband Sandy went over to the fence to meet Ginger, too. "Turn on the charm, Ginger," I joked. "Here's your chance for a great home, on a beautiful ranch, in Utopia." Ginger seemed to understand what I said to her and she wagged her stubby tail and then she licked their hands. While June, Ellen, Eileen, Tony and me started trying to "sell" Ginger to Sandy & Garnet. Jokingly saying things like, "What's one more mouth to feed? It looks like she really wants to go home with y'all. Hey, there's no pressure from us. Work it, Girlfriend...."

"I love this dog and if you had had her six months ago, we would have adopted her. Dang it..."

"Then I joked, "Hey, it worked! Garnet, I confess. We planned this whole thing, to get y'all to adopt Ginger." Then Kathryn and her husband walked up and met Ginger. Ginger stole their hearts, too, before all of us went to go eat lunch.

Last night when I came back inside The Cabin, Carlton was flashing, on top of the breakfast bar. Garnet had left us a message. "We want to adopt Ginger and we'll come out tomorrow to pick her up. As soon as we left y'all, all I have done is think about Ginger..." So, I punched in Garnet's phone number and thanked her and Sandy, for giving this beautiful, four-year-old Boxer a fabulous forever home and then she told me that they would pick her up around lunchtime today. To say the least, "We were more than thrilled for Ginger and so was Kinky." After Garnet and I adios-ed each other, I went outside and told Ginger the great news and she seemed to understand that, too.

This morning around 8:48, when Tony and I came back inside after doing our chores outside, Carlton was once again flashing, on top of our breakfast bar. And Garnet had once again left us a message, "Nancy, we can't wait to get Ginger around lunchtime. We're leaving Utopia right now and we should be there in about forty-five minutes. Bye."

When Sandy & Garnet arrived, we were drinking coffee with Chet, so we invited them to come inside with us and drink a cup of coffee. "Nancy, I want to give you and Tony a copy of my book, Utopia Skies." Then she handed it to me.

I Love Garnet's Introduction 

Then Chet, Tony and I checked out her beautiful book of her photography. All of us thought Garnet Sheffield's pictures were stunningly beautiful and beyond breath taking. "Wow, Garnet!" I said. "Thank you so much. We love your photography book and I love you & Sandy! Now let's go outside and adopt us a dog." And before Garnet put the leash on Ginger, I said, "Ginger, I hope we never see you again. You're a lucky, girl."

And then Ginger looked me in the eye and I'm sure in doggie-language, she said, "And Nancy, I hope that I never see you or Tony again, too. Let's roll!"

This afternoon I cooked a meatloaf, a squash casserole and pinto beans for lunch and right when we were ready to eat, Kinky called. "Is the Catfish Buffet tonight, at the Koyote Grill or was it last night? I'm hungry and..."

After Tony and I ate lunch, we jumped into Buttermilk and went over the river and through the woods to deliver our leftover lunch to Kinky and Chet. And not to brag, "They ate it all and loved it, too."

Later this afternoon, Chet came back over for a visit and to help Tony work on his VW Beetle's engine. When Chet walked inside The Cabin, he said, "I have a gift for you and Tony. It's my drawing of a moose playing guitar and I want you to have it. I thought I had lost it, but I found it." And needless to say, "We absolutely love it and we have it already hanging on the wall, in between the kitchen and big room, next to our homemade wineglass hanger or above Carlton."

And that's about it for tonight. Don't forget that our good friend, Chet O'Keefe, will be playing his fabulous music, during brunch, at The Hunt Store, tomorrow from 11:00 to 3:00. And we're going to try to be there, because there's nothing better than great food and great music.

Y'all have a great evening!

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