Thursday, February 3, 2011

What A Day!

Today has been great even though the sun never came out and the outside temperature never got above twenty-three degrees.

After having a fun time doing the Harley Show with Harley I decided to cook something for breakfast instead of drinking a cold smoothie, so I started cooking homemade blueberry pancakes on the stovetop. While I was in the middle of this I called Kinky. "Hello," Kinky said.

"We're talkin' 16.1 degrees," I said. And Kinky chuckled.

"I've got 17.3 here. What's up, Nance?"

"I'm fixing blueberry pancakes and wanted to know if you and Frank would like some..." After T. and I ate the delicious pancakes, we took two, large pancakes over to the Lodge and Kinky and Frank devoured them and told me they were delicious and a perfect breakfast for a day like today.

At ten o'clock this morning our Angel Neighbors, Ellen and Charlie Cooper, showed up to help us feed and water the dogs and clean their pens, but before we started, we invited them inside the trailer for some coffee and a short visit.

Before going outside to work I looked at the big atomic clock on the wall, that Carol & James gave to us and said, "It's now 17.2 degrees outside. Let's make a bet about what the temperature will be when we finish our chores. I bet it will be 18 degrees outside."

"18.6 degrees," Ellen said.

"No, it will be 19.8 degrees," Charlie said. "I'm good at this."

"I'm betting on 24 degees," Tony said, and then we went outside to work—all wishing that T. would win the bet.

When the chores were done we came back inside the trailer after spending over an hour outside and the first thing we did was look at the atomic clock to see the outside temperature and it was 19.8 degrees. "I won!" Charlie said, with excitement. "I hit it right on the nail..."

At three o'clock the dogs started barking outside to let us know that Zeus' real owner had arrived to pick him up and take him home! Now let me backtrack a little and tell you about yesterday's strange phone call.

A young woman, who we'll call Karen, called me and told me that she had just found out that we had her Pit Bull, Duke and she wanted to come and get him. "We don't have a Pit Bull named Duke," I said. "We have Annie, Rockett, Landry and Rocky, but no Duke. I'm sorry, but we don't have your dog."

"Yes you do," Karen insisted. "My friends are friends of Kinky and they told me that they took him to the rescue ranch." And that is when something clicked in my brain.

"Are you talking about "Blank & Blank"?" I asked.

"Yes! Her mom, is "Another Blank" and she drove him down there. You see I have been out of the country and "the Blanks" told me they would take care of him until I got back and then they got busy and needed to travel and that is why they brought Duke to you..."

"Yes, we do have your dog, but they told me his name was Zeus and he has been heartbroken since he came here and we would love for you to come and get him, because he is breaking our hearts. Three weeks ago I called "Another Blank" and left a message about him being so unhappy, but she never called me back, but now it all makes sense as to why she asked me to promise to call her if someone wanted to adopt him and told me, "I'll drive back down here and pick him up." Hmmmmm...Is his name Zeus or Duke?"

"Both. He has two names," she answered. "I am so happy! When can I pick him up?"

"Right now," I said, but due to the weather she drove out today to pick him up and I don't know who was the happiest: Zeus aka Duke, Karen or Tony and me. Before we took Karen down to Zeus' pen I told her that I wanted to make a short video of their reunion and this is it and I have titled it, "Reunited!"
And I hope you like it and here are a couple of pictures of them happy to see each other and Zeus happily sitting in the front seat as they departed our ranch .

An hour later, while Tone was in Kerrville to get supplies, Darrel and Jennifer, a really nice couple, and their three delightful children, took Ben Stiller home to try him out with their other dog! And Ben was more than happy to leave, too. So, please keep your fingers crossed that it will work out and become Ben's forever home in Medina! And, I'm betting that it will be.

After T. and I watered the dogs we went over to the Lodge and told Kinky about Zeus and Ben and to say the least—he was more than thrilled to hear the great news.

Tomorrow the sun is officially supposed to come out—thank goodness and hopefully, we will be in the low forties and finally get to thaw out.

Y'all have a great evening and stay warm!

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