Saturday, February 5, 2011

Blast From The Past!

Compared to yesterday—today has been incredibly great—thank goodness! And I am proud to announce, after all of the water pipes that broke yesterday, that we now have hot and cold water running inside our trailer and our "his and hers toilets" are no longer frozen and working properly! Thanks to our great friends Charlie, Ellen and Aaron, who came out and helped fix them for us.

Yesterday morning my last dream before waking up was being so happy because the sun had finally come out and then I woke up and discovered that I had over slept and the sun was shining outside and the outside temperature was quicky rising and I could not have been happier.

After feeding our dogs I called Kinky to see if he wanted some Cousin Nancy breakfast tacos and then I started cooking them, as I sipped some Dunkin' Donut French Vanilla coffee and watched the morning news to find out how many people had wrecked their cars in the Alamo City and the school closings due to the ice, while Tony, who didn't go to the Old Timer because of the icy roads, was outside checking on the dogs and hand-watering them, using the water that Ellen & Charlie had brought over the day before, because our water pump was frozen and we were nearly out of water.

Breakfast over at the Lodge with Kinky was fun and we tried to laugh about the troubles we had, because of the uninvited Artic Blast that had been wreaking havoc on all of us for the past four days.

When T. & I came home the outside temperature was thirty-five degrees and rising, so Tone told me he would feed the dogs and clean their pens, so I could stay inside and make sure when our pipes thawed out I could quickly turn off the water to the trailer, in case they started bursting.

I spent the next hour getting happier by the minute, as the temperature outside rose to forty-seven degrees as the sun shined brightly.  I was literally on Cloud Nine when our toilets and bathtubs finally thawed out and once again became useful. Then twenty minutes later when the hot water started flowing—I was the happiest girl in the whole USA and could not wait to take a shower, instead of a sponge bath, and wash my hair! And then twenty minutes later when Tony came inside the trailer to eat lunch—everything went south and it wasn't T.'s fault that the hot water pipes burst under our trailer, so he ran outside to the pump-house and cut off our water supply.

To say the least—I was not a happy camper and I didn't complain much when Joni Daniels, the publisher of "Texas Animal Imprints" magazine arrived. After howdies and hugs, Tone took off for Medina to get plumbing supplies, as Joni and I drank coffee and caught up with each others news. We had a short, but fun visit and Joni was gone before T. arrived back at the ranch.

Around four-thirty Ellen & Charlie showed up to see if they could help us with our busted hot water pipes, as the sun disappeared behind the back of the trailer and the outside temperature began quickly dropping. Forty minutes later, they drove away, because there was nothing he could do, because we needed a special plumbing fitting and we couldn't get it until this morning. Then Aaron showed up to see if he could help us.

An hour later, near dark-thirty, after Aaron had crawled around under our trailer, he confirmed what Charlie had told us about needing the special fitting to fix things. So after thanking Aaron for trying to help us, too—he drove away and then we jumped in Kermit to go water the dogs and it was a little past seven o'clock when we returned to the trailer. And because we were both so tired—that is why I did not post a blog last night.

Today has been beautiful was the weather. By ten-thirty this morning—The Nellybelle was no longer a dysfunctional trailer, because we had hot and cold running water, as the sun shined brightly outside and our dogs basked in the warm, seventy degree weather.

Before I end tonight's post I am happy to say that we now have plenty of water inside and out, Tony and I have finally gotten to bath properly, washed our hair and thankfully, we no longer stink to high heaven, and thanks to Queen Bee & Airy Queen, we now have several loads of clean clothes and laundry and all of our dogs are doing great outside and looking forward to another warm day of seventy degrees. And as far as I am concerned, that Arctic blast is a blast from the past that I will never forget and hope to never see again.

P.S. Tomorrow is James Nash's birthday and I want to be the first to wish him a happy Birthday. even though I know it will be great because Carol loves him so much.

Y'all have a great evening and stay warm!

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Mari of the NoMads said...

Nancy, save your sanity! Do not look at the weather forecast for this coming week.

Especially the part about snow Tuesday night and Wednesday and how the high for Wednesday is to be 27 with a low of 16. You will only get very depressed - like I did!

See ya'll at the PVC store!