Thursday, February 10, 2011

"A Weird Food Person!" or "True Grits!" or "A Chocolate Miracle!"

Today has been great! This morning I cooked blueberry pancakes for Charlie Cooper, who came out to help Tony with his morning chores, and for Kinky, Frank and Tony and they all told me they were delicious, which at that time I thought had made "my day," but I was wrong, again.

After I cleaned up the kitchen, I sat down and checked my e-mail and when I read my dear friend Mari's, of NoMad fame, who I so admire for so many reasons—it made me tear up, because it was so sweet and kind. So, I want to thank Mari for truly making my day great! In fact, I am still on Cloud Nine!

This afternoon we went to Kerrville to have lunch with Patty Kearns, another one of our great friends from Florida, because she was back in town visiting her father and his sweet wife Peggy. Needless to say, our lunch was filled with non-stop laughter as we caught up with each other's news and then when we started talking about Miles of Chocolate, that Ben & Miles make, Tone finally got a chance to talk and he said, "I forgot to tell you, Nance, that Miles of Chocolate have released a new video and it is great. It starts out with Ben and Miles, his business partner, sitting in lawn chairs, on a patio, sipping wine and there's even a monkey in a tree and it...." When T. was done talking, Patty and I vowed to watch it as soon as we got home.

After an enjoyable lunch with Patty, the three of us decided to go see our friends Sandy and Jon at Wolfmueller's Books and I'm so glad that we did, because it was fun and filled with laughter, too. At one point when Sandy and Jon were busy checking out some customers Patty whispered, "I love this bookstore so much. It is my favorite bookstore in the whole world. It is a Texas treasure and Texans should declare it a historical..."

"I know. I love this bookstore, too," I said. "And, I love the vibes in here." Then after the paying customers left the bookstore Sandy came over and took off with Patty to show her some books that she thought that she might be interested in. When they returned we started talking about food and that is when I discovered that Patty is a W.F.P.—"a weird food person," because she confessed it to us and then after a hilarious discussion about it, I announced, "Y'all, this is a secret, but I might as well tell y'all. In a few months from now, when my "Secret Project" is finished, I am going to write a cookbook. I'm going to call it Cousin Nancy's Stolen Recipes and I am going to ask everyone that reads my blog to send me their favorite recipes and I will give everyone credit for their recipes and then write a little something about them and then I'll rename each recipe as "Cousin Nancy's Stolen....!" I think it will be a lot of fun. What do y'all think?"

After everyone said, "Yes! Do it!" Sandy says, "I've got the best Cheese Grits recipe that I will give to you. It is the best and is to die for..."

"We're talkin' True Grits here," I joked. "Sandy, we're fixin' to go to H-E-B right now to get some groceries. Please tell me what to buy, because I want to make that recipe. I've never eaten grits and..."

"I hate grits," Tony moaned, as he shook his head sideways. "I ain't eating them, Nance. I'm sorry, but..." After Sandy, Patty, Jon and I quit laughing about T.'s remark, Sandy told me what I needed to buy and I bought them.

When Trigger got us home safely, Frank came over for a visit and we had a nice one in Outer Space. When I told Frank about Sandy's delicious cheese grits recipe that she is going to e to me tomorrow, Franks says, "Nance, I love grits. My mama used to make them for us when we were growing up in Georgia. Cheese grits are the best and if you add a little bacon to them—they're delicious!"

This evening before writing this blog, I went to YouTube and checked out the new Miles of Chocolate commercial and I loved it. And, yes, there is a monkey in it and Ben and Miles were great in it and I loved what a fan had written to them, declaring it—"A Chocolate Miracle!" because I totally agree with her.

P.S. Charlie, thank you so much for coming out today to help Tony. I hope that you and Ellen enjoyed the Miles of Chocolate that we gave to you this morning!  

Y'all have a great evening! And I want to thank all of y'all for keeping me laughing and for being my friends. I'm so lucky!

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