Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Why Bee?

Today has been pretty quiet and I have enjoyed it. This morning I walked six miles with Sansone, and I talked to my sister Cindy, on the speaker phone, and we had a nice visit, as I walked the sixth mile.

For lunch today I made soup from a package, because it only takes twelve minutes to make. I fixed Bear Creek's—Santa Fe Chipolte soup and Tony loved it and so did I. Since there was quite a bit of soup left over, I called Kinky and asked him if he wanted some of my homemade soup.

An hour later, Kinky called to thank me for the soup and to tell me that he liked it, too. After he asked me what was in it, I lied and told him, "Oh, a little bit of this and that," because he thought it was homemade. And then I told him the truth about it being a Bear Creek Soup.

Around one-thirty the dogs started barking outside. Since T. was gone to run an errand, I went outside and met two very nice women. "Are you Cousin Nancy?"

"Yes, I am and welcome to the rescue ranch."

"My name is Laura and I am one of the NoMads. I know you know Mari." Then Laura introduced me to her friend.

"Yes, I know Mari very well and I think the world of her," I said. "If you're a friend of Mari's your a friend of mine. Why don't y'all let me give you a tour of the rescue ranch?" Before we went on a tour I showed them the new NoMad, pen sponsored, sign and they loved it.

Yesterday, we went to Hoegemeyers, because Harry Reasoner, a little dog that we rescued last week, was ready to come home to the rescue ranch. Harry has already stolen our hearts and I know that he will be adopted quickly, because he is so sweet and adorable.

Around three o'clock today Tony and I went outside, so I could take pictures of the three dogs that we've recently rescued, so Pat can post them on our web site. Lily is a beautiful three to four year Catahoula mix and she is sweet, well-trained and to say the least—a great dog. Here's....... Lily!

I am in love with Walter Cronkite and took this picture of him today. Walter is approximately one year old and is part German Shepherd and Basset Hound. He has the sweetest personality and I wish that we could adopt him, but we are living with assisted-living, old dogs and it wouldn't be fair to them. Here's.......Walter!

And now folks, here's.... Harry Reasoner! He is the cutest little dog that loves to cuddle and give away kisses. He is not hyper and he gets along great with other dogs and he is one to two years old. Harry has stolen my heart, too and I know that he will get his forever home sooner than later.

Early this evening I asked Tony to give me two of his pictures that he took of the honey bees eating our bird seed. Yes, eating our birdseed—why bee? We've never seen anything like it and for some reason since it has warmed up, we have so many honey bees in our bird feeders that the birds can't eat. If any of y'all can explain this, I sure would appreciate it. We have not changed birdseed brands and don't know how to get the bees to leave the feeders. Here are Tone's pictures that he took a few days ago.

This evening before coming inside I went into Outer Space and took this picture of my new flowers and laughed when I saw Smokey the Bear. 

Y'all have a great evening!


Anonymous said...

give them a plate of sugar water.

Brenda James said...

Nance, there is probably sorghum or some other sweetener in the bird feed, which is attracting the bees. Don't know how to fix it, but knowing what's causing it leads to solutions! I sure am enjoying your blog!
Brenda James

Fay said...

Hi Nancy! They are gathering pollen! Bees will forage wherever they can get it ; ))