Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Real Pain In The Back!

Saturday was a great day. I didn't post a blog last night because my back was killing me and trying to go out on me, because I laughed too much. This morning when I got out of bed my back was still hurting me, but after I walked six miles with Leslie this morning, it seems to be fine—thank goodness.

Yesterday, around eleven-thirty, Tony came inside and said, "Pumpkin just got adopted to a real nice lady and her name is Nancy."

"That's great! I'll take care of Pumpkin's paperwork right now." A few minutes later, T. and I were outside visiting with Nancy and talking about Pumpkin and telling her everything that we knew about her. After Nancy signed Pumpkin's adoption papers we jumped in Kermit and drove down to Pumpkin's and Pilgrim's pen, so Tony could put a collar and leash on her, which he had a hard time doing, because Pumpkin was so excited. Before Nancy took Pumpkin to her forever home, I took this picture of her with Pumpkin.

As soon as they drove away I called Kinky to tell him the great news about Pumpkin and he was happy to hear  it. Then I pulled our hot lunch, that I had prepared earlier, out of the oven. Then we sat down at the kitchen table and ate roasted chicken with mixed vegetables and cheese grits (made again, from the recipe that Sandy gave to me) and needless to say—Tony cleaned his plate and loved Cousin Nancy's Cheese Grits. (Sorry, Sandy—it's mine now!)

A few minutes past one o'clock, our friends, Jackie and her husband Billy Ray, from Kenner, Louisiana, who we had never met in person, arrived and we were so excited to finally meet them in person, because they have been Facebook friends with Tony for over three years and we have talked back and forth on the phone to them several times.

After howdies and hugs outside, we invited them to come inside the trailer, so we could visit. And please make a note, that my back was fine at this time, but not for long thanks to Jackie. Before the never-ending laughter commenced, they gave us some cool-looking t-shirts from Louisiana and we love them. Then Jackie pulled a gigantic, black and gold Mardi Gras necklace, out of their sack, and gave it to Tony and he loved it. Here's a picture of my t-shirt. Thank you, Jackie and Billy Ray, y'all are too sweet!

After we thanked Billy Ray and his better half for their gifts, we invited them to go into Outer Space with us, because the weather outside was perfect. In minutes, Jackie had all of us laughing so hard, my back began to ache a little, but I didn't complain, because I could not quit laughing at Jackie's hilarious stories. After laughing for four straight hours at Jackie's funny stories, I said, "Jackie, you are one of the funniest people that I have ever met. You ought to think about being a standup comedian. I'm serious." And, Billy Ray and Tony agreed with me.  Then I said, "You're a natural comedian and so funny that my back is really hurting from laughing so much. Please go to a comedy club in New Orleans and give it a try. You really do have a gift and because my back aches so much, I am officially declaring you, 'Jackie—A real pain in the back!' You are too funny."

Tony and I had a wonderful time visiting with Jackie and Billy Ray and we feel so flattered that they drove all of the way from Kenner, Lousiana, just to meet us! Before leaving we gave them a tour of the rescue ranch and then we went into my writing cabin for another round of laughter. Tony and I love these people and here is a picture that I took of Tony with them, before they headed back to Cajun Country.

Y'all have a great evening!

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It was the bestest ever time I have ever had since I married Billy ,you two are the crem del la crem;I loved ur writing cabin and as far as being funny duno,but I do knpw I can B a real pain in the back..and all that imolies I guess,love you both,peeps of Medina u R so lucky to be so close to such awesome loving caring folks,I am proud they are my J/Red Butler aka sis'