Monday, February 7, 2011

Northern Exposure!

Yesterday was great and today has been great too. Yesterday afternoon Tony and I jumped into Trigger and took off for Kerrville to get supplies. First, we went to Home Depot and bought some lumber and then we went to H-E-B to get groceries, because our cupboards were nearly bare, because it had been over a week since our last trip to Kerrville, because of the harsh weather.

On our way home I talked non-stop to T. about being so happy that the weather had warmed up to sixty-five degees and so thankful that the sun was shining brightly and everything getting back to normal. My happiness came to an abrupt hault, right after we walked inside the trailer with our groceries.

As we started to put up the groceries we listened to the new messages that Carlton had collected while we were gone on our shopping spree. "You have four new messages," Carlton blandly stated, before playing back the messages. "Nancy, Tony, Nancy, Tony call me!" The second message was forty minutes later, "Tone, Nance call Kinky!" The third message was made an hour later, "Nancy, Tony! Where are y'all? Please call me as soon as you get this message." By the time the fourth message played we had put up the milk, dog food and canned goods. "Nancy, Tony please call me as soon as you get this message or just come over," Kinky said. "I need to shut off the water to the Lodge, so Ray can finish fixinf the plumbing and I don't know where it is, and I did something wrong and now my televison isn't working..."

"Tony, leave the groceries—they'll keep. We need to get over to the Lodge," I said, as I turned on the kitchen faucet to wash my hands. "Tony! We have no water, again! No hot or cold!" And that is officially when my meltdown began.

As Tone drove Buttermilk over the river and through the woods I said, "I can't believe we don't have water again. This is starting to get really old and I can't believe it." Then I  realized that I was starting to whine like a baby, so trying to be more positive and upbeat I said, "Well, at least we have some clean clothes, clean hair and it's not cold outside."

When we pulled up to the Lodge, Kinky and Sophie came out to greet us. "Are you okay, Kinky?" I asked, as Sophie jumped up on me. Kinky laughed.

"I am now," he said, as we entered the Lodge, "I now have hot and cold water! Thank goodness. Y'all aren't going to believe my day..." As I walked into the big room to see if we could fix his television. "The TV is fixed, too. I had to talk to three different people at *&^%^&# to fix the problem..."

"That's great, Kink, but we need to take off, because we are out of water," Tony said. "Let's go, Nance."

When we returned to the rescue ranch Tony and I walked from pen to pen to look for a busted pipe and then we checked under our trailer and found nothing—then Tony found the problem in the outside bathroom and quickly fixed it and an hour later we had hot and cold running water inside and outside!

When Super Bowl 45 started I went outside and worked on the Space Ship until dark and then I came inside and watched it with Tony.

Today has been warm, windy and sunny at the same time and I spent most of my day catching up on my paperwork and returning phone calls and e-mails. Around two o'clock I was so tired of sitting behind the computer I decided to take a break and went over to the Lodge to visit with Kinky and pet The Friedmans and it was exactly what I needed, because we went on a hike with The Friedmans and it was fun for all.

Tonight I plan to work on my "Secret Project" for a while and then watch some of Season Five of "Northern Exposure" that I ordered from Netflix and I can't wait to watch it, because "Northern Exposure" is one of my all time favorite televison shows, because of the quirky characters and plots, but more importantly, because it makes me laugh.

Y'all have a great evening and stay warm!

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