Tuesday, February 8, 2011

It Looks So Real!

Today has been great! This morning Aaron came out for a few hours to help me work on the Space Ship, because he knows how to frame things better than me and I cannot wait for y'all to see the improvements. Before he left to go home our dear friends Geraldine and Don came over for a visit and they surprised me with this beautiful framed poster that Gerri made using her new "super printer!" I hope this doesn't make me sound conceited, but I love it! Isn't it beautiful! And please ignore the bright orb under my arm—the flash on my camera caused the effect when I took this picture of it.  I don't know if to hang it in the trailer or the Space Ship. Hmmm....Thank you, Gerri and Don!
This afternoon we took off to Walmart in Kerrville to get my eyes examined and new bifocals. Then we stopped by Hoegemeyers Animal Clinic to pick up Tony's Maudie and to meet Buddy, the little Chihuahua mix dog we rescued yesterday from a lady who had found him. OMG! He is so adorable and one of the sweet vet techs might adopt him, so we have our fingers crossed for him and I hope that you'll cross yours for him, too.

When we came home Ellen Cooper called me. "Nancy, I have something funny to tell you. Today I moved that giant Aloe Vera pot plant that you gave to me and when I sat it down I screamed, "Charlie, come quick! There's something live in this Aloe Vera plant!"" Then Ellen started laughing and then I started laughing, because I knew exactly what she had seen.

"A little Horned Toad?"

"Yes! It really startled me and it looks so real. I will bring it the next time we come over."

"No, keep it. It belongs with that thriving plant. I bought it at the Plant Haus in Kerrville and will get another one. I can't believe how real it looks, too and..."

This evening I worked a little bit more on the Space Ship and then I lassoed T. into helping me finish screwing down the top of the breakfast nook seats, because the weather is going to be rough for the next couple of days and I won't be able to work on it, before Friday, when hopefully if the weather is good, Eileen, Lisa and June come out, so I can show it off to them. Unfortunately, Ellen won't be coming out with them, because she is having hip surgery tomorrow. So, let me be the first to wish Ellen a fast mend.

Around six o'clock tonight, I went over to the Lodge to visit with Kinky and The Friedmans, and we ended up going with Frank for a fun hike on the ranch. And the good news is—I didn't trip or fall once!

Tomorrow my good friend Patty, of the famed P&P team, is flying in from Florida to visit her father and Peggy and I am so looking forward to seeing her. Have a safe trip, Patty and Thanks for helping me today, Tone! I love you1

Because of the predicted cold weather for the next two days I am fixing to take a shower and wash my hair, wash our clothes and fill the bathtub with water.

P.S. Mari, thank you for sending me the latest forecast for our area.

Y'all have a great evening!

P.S.S. Our neighbor Ellen just called. "We just went outside and it looks like there is a fire over there..." I just looked outside on the porch and didn't see anything, but Tony and I fixing to go outside and check things out.

As we were going out the front door Ellen called. It's a false alarm...." Thank goodness!

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