Saturday, January 15, 2011

We Need More Roses!

Yesterday and today have been great! Yesterday morning, to my surprise, because of the cold weather, our super volunteers Eileen and Lisa came out to walk our dogs and then Jim showed up to walk our dogs, too, while Tone had taken off for Bandera to photograph his nephew Zachary showing his pig at the stock show!

About an hour later, Jim took off when it started raining, so I invited Eileen and Lisa to be the first to take a tour of my new, thirty-three year old Space Ship before I started renovating it. Even though it is pretty rough inside—they liked it and told me that they couldn't wait to see the end results.

Because it was cold outside, I invited "The Girls" to come inside for some coffee and a visit and that is when Lisa went to Eileen's car to get the Brownies that she had baked for Tone and me. Within minutes we were drinking coffee, eating Lisa's delicious, homemade Brownies and laughing! After we shared funny stories about some of the weirdest funerals that we have attended, Lisa reaches inside her jacket and hands me a little black book, Pocket Astrologer  2011  and says, "I want you to have this, since you are into astrology." To say the least—I was thrilled! Thank you, Lisa. I love the book and your Brownies somehow have magically disappeared!

When Eileen was telling us an hilarious story about trying to bury her and Dean's mother—I saw a man standing outside near our fence, so I interrupted Eileen and said, "Y'all some man is out there and I don't know who he is. I'll be right back."

"We'll leave so you can talk to him," Eileen said, as she put on her coat.

"No," I said. "Please stay because I have no idea who this guy is..." Then I opened the front and half-hollered, "Come on inside the trailer." The bald headed man smiled and then came inside and told us about a sweet dog that had been dumped where he was staying, that he was trying to help. I wanted to help him, but because we are "full-up here" I said, "Sir, I'm sorry, but we can't help, because we have no space available for the dog..." And fortunately he understood. Thirty minutes later after a fun visit with "The Retired Postman From Wyoming" he left and went home with the dog. And twenty minutes later The Girls left to go eat lunch in Medina, before heading back home to Kerrville.

An hour later, Paul, our great volunteer from Helotes, showed up with a truck load full of free dog food, so I went outside in the chilly, drizzling rain and helped him unload the dog food, because Paul recently had some back surgery. I didn't mind the heavy lifting of the bags, because I considered it exercise, and the only hard part for me, was climbing up into the bed of the giant pickup, to move the dog food to the tailgate, so Paul could move it into the barn. Overall it was fun, because Paul and I caught up with each others news. In all, it only took us thirty minutes to unload the free food.

An hour after Paul left—T. came home and said, "Zach took third place!"And I told him all about my  busy day as he drove me to Kerrville to turn in my year-end reports to our accountants.

Today was great because our friends Kevin Kemp and his beautiful daughter Rose came out, so Rose could give us dog treats, and homemade toys that she made for our dogs! If you remember, last year, about this time, Rose came out with her sister Hannah, her mother Sharon and Kevin to give our dogs the toys she made, which are our dogs "Favorite Toys Of All Toys!"Here are a few pictures that I tool of Rose, Kevin and our dogs. And I hope that you will  enjoy watching this funny, if I might say, five minute video that I put together this evening of our dogs LOVING THEIR TOYS!  I titled it "A Rose Is A Rose, Is A Rose! Thank you, Kevin for bringing Rose out here so she could make our dogs happy! And all I can say about Rose is—Rose Kemp Rocks Big Time! And we need more Roses in this world! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I have only two more things to tell you. Early this morning I received an interesting e-mail from my friend Cheryl Ratliff of Cheryl & Walt Ratliff fame. She congratulated me on getting my new Space Ship and sent me a link to view an old Airstream trailer that had been renovated and I nearly fell out of my chair, because I LOVED IT! Here's one of the pictures. And thank you, Cheryl!

I still can't believe that it is a trailer, but because Eileen and Lisa told me about everybody in Hollywood buying up old Airstreams and getting them renovated—I can believe it. And when I showed it to Aaron, who had come out to help me tear down the inside of the Space Ship, early this morning, while T. did his chores—he about flipped out and so did T. when he saw it! 

After Aaron and I had basically gutted my soon-to-be rocking, rocket ship he found this little rock inside a drawer and handed it to me and then I nearly flipped out. "OMG! Aaron, this is unbelievable!" I excitedly half-hollered. "It's a sign!" And I could tell that that made Aaron nervous. "This is the universal symbol for GRATITUDE!..." After Aaron went home, I phoned Cindy and Ronnie to tell them all about my new Space Ship and the Gratitude Rock which mysteriously appeared as a sign for me.

Y'all have a great evening!


Anonymous said...

Nancy what a great video. Such a wonderfully kind Rose & Dad. Sure hope the good visting man placed the sweet, found dog in a safe place.

cousin nancy said...

Me, too! Thanks for the comment.