Thursday, January 6, 2011

No, Nancy!

Today has been great. This morning I had a fun visit with Harley and Dusty aka LaToya was Harley's Pet of the Week. Then we talked about me being in the Club Ed catalog, which I am thrilled to be in and then Harley teased me about me letting dogs kiss me on the mouth and then he says, "Cousin Nancy, did you know that I am teaching a course at Club Ed this Spring?"

"No, I didn't, Harley. That's great! What are you going to teach?"

"Fifty reasons why you should not let dogs kiss you on the mouth!" I burst out laughing and then Harley joined me in laughter.

Ben arrived about nine o'clock this morning and he surprised us with a gift—a giant brick of Miles of Chocolate! Thank you, Ben! Then we had a more than fun visit inside the trailer, before he and Tony went outside to do the morning chores and I took care of some paperwork and returned phone calls.

Ben ate lunch with us today and he loved my new recipe from the Easy Soup Recipes, that Sandy and Jon gave to me for my birthday, called "The Blue Norther" stew and he and Tone ate second servings, before they went back outside to work.

After they went outside I called Wolfmueller's Books and Jon answered the phone. "Jon, I need to ask a favor of y'all. Ben's here and he just ate "The Blue Norther" stew recipe from that recipe book y'all gave me and he loved it and I want to give him a copy of that cookbook. I was wondering if y'all could pull that recipe book off the shelf for me and hold it for me, so I can give mine to Ben and then pick up a new copy tomorrow when we come to town." There was a moment of silence.

"No, Nancy, we can't," Jon said, "because we have sold out of them again, but I think Sandy is going to order some more..."

Around four T. and Ben came inside the trailer and once again we had another fun visit and that is about all that happened today.

Y'all have a great evening!

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Mari of the NoMads said...

Well your blog sure saved ME from bothering Jon and Sandy. I was going to call them to tell them to hold another Soup Book copy for me too!

No self-respecting household should be without a copy of that book! Or that's MY opinion anyway.
You can agree with me or you can be wrong. (big grin)