Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Thunder, The Perfect Dog!

I'm sorry, but tonight I cannot write a blog, because I need to shed some tears, because this afternoon we had to put our beloved Thunder down and our hearts are truly broken, because T. and I loved her so much.

In 1996, I ended up being the lucky one, because Thunder decided to make me her best friend, the day that I drove into the small town of Utopia, after a tipoff from a friend, to rescue Thunder from being shot, because of no fault of her own, She had been dumped in Utopia and was homeless and had been caught eating out of stores trash bins, and that was over two years before Kinky, Tony and I decided to officially start our rescue ranch over at my mini-ranch in Utopia.

And since that day that I put Thunder inside my truck and drove her home, she was my shadow and constant, loving companion and she always followed me everywhere that I went and she was never more than ten feet away from me at anytime.

Thunder always made me laugh and smile when I looked at her and she had a way of letting me know that she loved me. I am so grateful and thankful that Thunder came into our lives, because she has given me over fifteen years of unconditional love, joy, devotion and happiness.

Thunder, please know that Tony and I loved you as much or more, as you loved us. We will always miss you and you will live in our hearts forever and you will never be forgotten. We thank you for sharing your life with us. Rest in peace my love, because you deserve it, because you were one of the best dogs that I have ever had the honor to know and love.

Thunder Heart Simons
1995 - 2011


Karin Pohlmann said...

Old Thunder had a wonderful life with you. Like Kinky, I believe that You will see her again in heaven. With my deepest sympathy, Karin

Eileen said...

Nancy and Tony,
Please know that my heart hurts for you at this time. I know you miss her and it will take awhile for the hurt to ease. I'm glad I was able to give her a pat last week. Thunder will never be forgotten. Bless you for being the best Thunder parents in the world. She will be on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge some day for you. Eileen

dogmom said...

You gave Thunder a good comfortable life. I hate it that humans usually outlive dogs. Take care of yourself!

Shirley Wetzel said...

I'll shed a few tears with you, Nancy, I know how it breaks your heart to lose one of your friends. Like Kinky & Karin said, you'll meet them all again one day.

cousin nancy said...

Thank y'all.

Unknown said...

I am so sorry about Thunder, Nancy. I catch up on reading on weekends, so I just now found out. Remember, she's not gone; she just stepped across the Rainbow Bridge to wait for you and Tony.