Monday, January 10, 2011

Say A Little Prayer

This morning after breakfast we had a big scare. Tony's older brother Sam called and told me that their brother Rex had not shown up for work this morning and was missing, so I immediately put Tone of the phone to talk to Sam.

After T. talked to Sam, we jumped into Trigger and took off to go look for his brother and his truck on Highway 16, because Sam and Tony were scared that he might have had a wreck between Medina and Bandera. Thirty minutes later I called Sam on the cell phone and he told me that he had just found out that Rex had been in a serious, one car rollover, right before he got to Bandera and that he was now in a hospital in San Antonio in critical condition, so we turned around and came home with heavy hearts.

Because Tony was sick with worry he wasn't hungry, so he didn't eat lunch. Then Sam called from the hospital to give us an update on Rex's condition, which wasn't good at all and he told Tone that no one was allowed to see Rex except for his wife and children and there was nothing that we could do, so tonight I am asking everyone to please put Rex and his family in your prayers.


Mari of the NoMads said...

Nancy, Jon gave me a 'heads up' on this when I went to buy my Easy Soup books for gifting. I notified all the NoMads as soon as I got home, so Rex and his family are being prayed for by all of us as I type. I know all of your other friends will be adding him to their prayer list tonight after they read your blog. And there is definitely power in that prayer.

cousin nancy said...

Thank you.

Unknown said...

Oh, no. Nancy, I am so sorry, but prayers and positive thoughts are heading your way from Chappell Hill. Many hugs, Connie