Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Best Medicine!

Today has been great, but first off, I want to wish Arlene a Happy Birthday again and I hope that your birthday has been a great one.

Late this morning I went over to the Lodge to visit with Kinky and The Friedmans. Like Kinky, Brownie, Chumley and Sophie were all doing fine. But, Brownie made me laugh the most, because he has taken over the couch in the big room, where he hides and guards his dog treats, and like it or not, he has made it clear that Chumley and Sophie are not welcomed.

When Kinky and I went into the big room to visit I sat down next to Brownie on his couch and his tail wagged happily, but when Miss Sophie came up for me to pet her, he curled his lips at her and snarled, so she went away in a snit. "This is my boat," I said, speaking for Brownie, which is an annoying habit that both Kinky, Tony and I do, "and I am the captain of this ship." Kinky chuckled as Sophie jumped up on his lap.

As we visited, I petted "Brown Dog" and every time that I would stop Brownie's tail would begin thumping the couch, until I started petting him again, so I made a game out of it with him. When Kinky went into his office to get something Brownie jumped off of the couch and went outside using Kinky's doggie door and that's when Sophie jumped up and ran over to the couch and quickly snatched two of Brownie's favorite, big Milk Bone treats, and then she ran to her bed, near the fireplace, and hid them under the cushiion, before laying back down in her big, plush doggie bed fit for a queen.

When Kinky returned, I was laughing and I told him why. When Brownie returned and took back the command of his ship he started sniffing the cushions and I could tell that he knew "Sophie the Pirate" had once again, come on board and stolen a few of his treasures, because after he finally quit sniffing around, he looked at Sophie, over in her bed, and glared at her, as she innocently batted her pretty eyelashes back at him. After Kinky and I had a good laugh about it I came back home.

After lunch our great friends and volunteers: Lisa and Matt came out with their friends Chris, Dan and DeDe and her cute son Skipper, came out to walk our dogs! After howdies and hugs I had a short, but fun visit with Lisa before she started walking our dogs with DeDe, Skipper and Dan and that's when I tricked Matt into helping me!

"Can I be of any help, Miss Nancy?" Matt asked, as he saw me trying helplessly to put a screw through a 2"x4."

"Yes, Matt! Please," I said, as I batted my long gray eyelashes, that no one can see, because I don't wear make up, or even know how to spell it correctly. "Come on inside the Space Ship and help me screw this 2x4 into this wall. I don't know why it is so hard. The battery has a full charge, but these screws aren't cooperating with me." I handed the cordless drill to Matt and he quickly went to work. When Matt was nearly done attaching the many 2x4's to an interior wall for me, Tony walked up and started laughing.

"What's so funny, Tone?" I asked, as I stood by the kitchen sink, so not to be in Matt's way.

"Matt, I don't know how she does it, but like me—Nance has you doing all of the hard work for her!" Everyone started laughing.

"I know and she's good at it too," Matt said. "She's a woman and all..."

"That's just the way we women work," Lisa jokingly declared. "Isn't that right, Nance?" I smiled and nodded my head inagreement.

After feeding some apples to Shalom, Roy & Gabby and Little Jewford, the volunteers left and went back to Kerrville and I hated to see them go because I love them. But it was especially hard on Tony to see Matt leave today, because Tony knew it was now his turn to take over Matt's job and be my right hand man.

I hope that y'all are having as much fun as Carol & James and Tony and me are having right now, because we are on a double date, at a comedy club in Kerrville and we should be home shortly. I wrote this early this evening and scheduled it to post at 10:20 tonight.

Have a great evening and May The Force Be With Us!
 or maybe even better,
 If laughter is the best medicine—then I am addicted to it!

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