Sunday, January 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Dylan Ferrero! In Dog Years He's Not That Old!

Early Saturday morning, after breakfast, Tony and I went over to the Lodge to drink a cup of coffee with Kinky. We talked about Thunder and her passing and Kinky's kind words about her made me smile. Then we talked about The Friedmans giving up dog bones for their New Year's resolution and Chumley being so happy to be back home since his observation stay at Hoegemeyers. "Is Maude coming home today?" Kinky asked.

"I think so, but I need to call the clinic, as soon as we get home, to see if she can," I said. "I really miss her even though I don't seem to count, with Maudie. She loves Tony and that's it." Kinky started laughing.

"In a few minutes I am going to Kerrville and I will be glad to pick her up for y'all," Kinky said.

Twenty minutes later, after talking to Susan at Hoegemeyers, I called Kinky and then Trigger and I took off for Kerrville. My first stop was to get groceries at H-E-B. Then I went to Hoegemeyers to meet Cassie, one of their new, sweet vet techs, so she could sign-off on Cowboy's adoption forms, because she had fallen in love with him, after we had rescued him from the pound, and then taken him there to get him neutered and his shots, etc.! 

"It is so nice to meet you, Cousin Nancy!" Cassie said, as she filled out Cowboy's adoption papers. "I love Cowboy so much! My husband and I have L.T., an Aussie mixed with Blue Heeler and Border Collie that we rescued last year. And Cowboy is the same size as L.T. and they are already best friends. Thank you for letting us adopt him."

"No, thank you, Cassie. We are all so happy about you adopting Cowboy, before he ever made it to our rescue ranch. He's a very lucky dog."

"Cowboy is really trained. He sits on command, heels and is house broken!" Cassie bragged, as she handed me my clipboard. Then Maude entered the lobby all excited and started looking around the room for Tony, her hero, but since he wasn't there, she acknowledged me and wagged her tail, so I picked her up and we came home. And the minute that she was reunited with T.—I once again became invisible to her.

This evening, three minutes before the Green Bay Packers beat the Chicago Bears, I called Kinky to see if it was okay for Tone and me to come over for a visit. "Sure Nance. Y'all come on over."

When we walked inside the Lodge, we were first greeted by The Friedmans, in the kitchen and then we walked into the big room and said our howdies to Kinky. "Y'all just missed Dylan," Kinky said, as he lit up a cigar. "Today is his birthday and he is sixty-eight years old. Can you believe that? Sixty-eight."

"Well, Kink, in dog years he's not that old," I said. "He's nine years older than me and I can't believe that. Tony, how old is Dylan in dog years?"

"About nine and a half or so." When the Jets and Steelers game started, Buttermilk took us home.

Tonight I have some exciting news to tell you about my good friends: Copper Love, the incredible world famous horse whisperer and Connie Strong, who wrote an incredibly great article about Copper for the popular magazine, "Horseback!"  And I promise that you will love reading it. Yeah, Copper and Connie—Y'all Really Rock!

P.S. Happy Birthday, Dylan! You Really Rock, Too!

Have a great evening and May The Force Be With Y'all!

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