Sunday, November 30, 2008

Day -O!

I am sorry for not blogging last night. I wanted to, but some good friends of ours came over.

Yesterday, was a great day, in fact, it was a greater day, than my usual great days, because we had an adoption! Here’s how my day went:

Yesterday morning, I got up earlier than usual, because I knew that a lot of people were coming out to visit our rescue ranch, take tours, walk our dogs and maybe have an adoption!

I always give tours of our trailer, because everyone, who comes out, wants to see it, go into Outer Space with us, go into my Space Ship and to also see my writing cabin. I don’t mind doing it at all, because I enjoy showing it off. So, before sunup, I had fed my furry friends, vacuumed, dusted, and washed a load of clothes!

The reason for my homework, was so I wouldn’t be embarrassed, as I was, a week ago Saturday, when I gave Sasha, Ken, Rebecca and Jack, a tour of our trailer—it was dirty, but not real dirty. It just needed vacuuming and dusting.

Linda T., up in Harker Heights, was going to be the first to arrive, she was driving three hours, to come walk our dogs all day, and I could not wait to meet her! She’s the nice race car driver who had offered to drive me to Houston, this weekend, to do calendar signings with Kinky and Little Jewford, then get me back home safely. How sweet is that!

Around 9:30, she left a message on the machine, telling me that she could not make it, and she was sick about it! She told me that she had to take her brother-in-law to the Emergency Room, around midnight! She had been up most of the night, and was totally exhausted, but he was okay. I was disappointed, but completely understood, and thank goodness he was okay.

Around 10:30, our wonderful neighbor, Heather, showed up with some members of her family! Tony and I gave them a tour, and it was a lot of fun! We finished up the tour at Mr. Ziffle’s pen, and everyone fell in love with him! Mr. Ziffle is such a great dog. He is highly intelligent, and is about two years old.

When it was time for them to return to Heather’s ranch, Tony and I didn’t want them to leave, because we were enjoying their visit, so much! Before driving away, Heather told us that she will see us again, during the holidays! We can’t wait!

As soon as they drove off, a van full of people drove up—they were from Dallas, visiting their mother, Sugar, who lives nearby, and they wanted a tour! So Tony and I gave them a tour, and they fell in love with our dogs, too! Then Clint, who works at Central Market in Dallas, saw Tony’s hat and said, “Miles of Chocolate, I have a cap just like that! We carry their chocolate and pear bread! People love it! Have you tried it?”

“Yes,” Tony said. “Ben Welch, who works out here, a few days a month, is Miles partner.”

“I know Miles,” Clint said. “I’ve not met Ben, yet.” We visited a little while longer and then they drove away.

Tony and I then came inside the trailer, and I made us homemade asparagus soup—it was delicious! Just after I had cleaned up the kitchen, Paul drove up, with his four best friends, that he and his wife had adopted from us—Susie, Gracie, Stella and Yetti! Paul and his crew didn’t stay very long, but we had a great visit! Tony and I love Paul! He and his wife, Marty have done so much to help our ranch!

Around 2:30, Tony left the trailer, while I was returning some phone calls. At three-fifteen, Tony came inside the trailer, to tell me that Emily had just been adopted, and I needed to fill out her adoption papers! “Tony this is great! I’m sorry, I didn’t know that they had arrived. Our dogs didn’t bark.” I quickly filled out our adoption form for Emily! Then we got into Kermit, and he took us out of the rescue ranch, to where there car was parked—outside of the ranch.

The reason they were parked outside of the ranch, was because earlier in the week, Jessica had called me, to tell me, that they were the ones who had adopted Teddy Roosevelt, from us last year. She said that Teddy was the greatest dog, and their family loved him, so much! Jessica told me that their old dog had passed away, and they wanted to adopt another dog from us, so Teddy could have a running buddy! She had asked if it would be okay to bring Teddy along, so they could try him out with whoever they picked. My answer was yes, but I did ask her to please park outside of the rescue ranch, so T.R. would not upset our dogs. She kept her word!

When Tone and I pulled up in Kermit, Teddy Roosevelt and Emily were best friends—with tails high and wagging! I was so happy for Emily, I teared up for a second, when I saw what a beautiful dog Teddy had turned into, and was thrilled that Emily had found her forever home with this great family! Tony and I visited with Jessica and her husband, Hays, as we watched their two beautiful children, Jackson and Summer, playing with Teddy Roo and Emily!

After Jessica filled out Emily’s adoption form, it was time for this lovely family to leave. We hugged and shook hands, and then they loaded up Teddy, and then Emily into their van! Tony took these pictures!

After they drove away, I told Tony, “Emily came back to the rescue ranch, because it wasn’t her forever home. This one is!” Then I teared up, again.

Y’all this is what it is all about! I love my job, and here’s a shout out to Jessica, Hays, Summer and Jackson—Y’all Rock!

P.S. I can’t wait to tell you what Tony and I are fixin’ to do! During breakfast this morning, we have decided to...

To Be Continued...

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LuLu and LoLLy! said...

Dear Nancy, We are 2 Maltese dogs from Austin, Texas, and we wanted to say Two Paws Up! for this outstanding blog, and we are so happy for Emily, and also Teddy, becuz it is truly outstanding to have a pack mate. LoLLy is a rescue and we are so appreciative of humans like you and everyone else because without you dogs like LoLLy and Emily would not be here in the world spreading all the love they are meant to share! Love, Your PaLs, LuLu and LoLLy!