Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Higher Love!

Trust me, I do count my blessings daily and never take them for granted, and I am happy to say that today has been another great day for me! And, I love it! I’m sitting here at my kitchen table right now, smiling about today, while listening to Robert Palmer sing ‘Addicted to Love!’

This morning, before Sasha arrived with the thirty cases of cat food, given to her by her good friend, Larry Tucker—for our neighbor cat lady, I phoned Linda T.

I wanted to thank Linda for her kind letter, and her offer to drive me to Houston this coming weekend. Our telephone conversation was fun, and it lasted about as long as it took for Sasha to drive from Fredericksburg to Kerrville. Before hanging up, Linda told me that she wants to volunteer for us, and that she will be driving down here this Saturday—to walk our dogs! I can’t wait to meet this wonderful woman, who is willing to drive three hours, just to get down here! And, she told me that she will keep coming down to walk our dogs! I can’t wait!

Sasha arrived here around 10:30! After hugs, she met us down at the barn, where Tony, Aaron and Josh unloaded the canned cat food from her car.

Then I invited Sasha to come over to the Lodge, for a visit with Kinky. “Sasha,” I said. “After I told Kinky about y’all coming down here this past weekend, and walking our dogs, and then driving down here today, to help us help our neighbor, he said that he wanted to meet you.”

Being a big fan of Kinky, she couldn’t wait! We jumped into Kermit, and then took off for the Lodge! Kinky greeted us at the gate, and then invited us inside. Kinky thanked her for donating the cat food, and bringing it down from Austin. Sasha, then made it very clear that it was Larry Tucker, who needed to be thanked. “I called Larry and told him that I needed cat food, and he delivered! He is an angel.”

After a short visit in the kitchen, a tour of the Lodge, we went outside to visit by The Friedman Family Bone Orchard, so Kinky could puff away on his cigar, while Sasha threw tennis balls for Gooie to retrieve. It was a great visit! Here is a picture of Sasha with Kinky:

‘Higher Love’ is now playing, by Steve Winwood! Please remind me to tell you about what happened to me, at the Austin 5K in Austin, in the late 80’s! This song was the theme song for that run—skip! I hope that all of y’all have a wonderful evening—like I am having!

P.S. Thank you Larry Tucker and Sasha E.! Cats Rule, As Much As Dogs, As You Do, and Linda T.! We love y’all!

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Anonymous said...

we can do just nearly anything, when we do it together .....what a very good group of humans y'all are