Monday, December 1, 2008

I'm Fixin' To Convert!

P.S. I can’t wait to tell you what Tony and I are fixin’ to do! During breakfast this morning, we have decided to...Continued! (Mari, this one is for you!)

Tony and I are going to expand our heirloom organic garden, and we are going to start composting daily—to improve the soil! After breakfast, we went outside to plan our expansion. Tony is going to build a 10’x20’ greenhouse, and he can’t wait to get started! And, thank goodness, that I am height-challenged, (5’2" the last time I checked) because I’m fixin' to convert little Trigger, Jr.’s miniature horse shed, into my greenhouse, so I can grow my medicinal heirloom organic herbs! I can’t wait to decorate it, and make a sign for it! I’ve already named it—Cousin Nancy’s Space Station!

T. has been doing a lot of research about composting, on the internet, and he told me, “We are going to need to buy a lot of worms, to help with the composting process.”

To me, worm—is a four letter word, and I cringed at the thought. “Nance,” Tony said. “We’ve got to have them. I’m thinking of getting Night Crawlers or Wiggler worms. Here let me show you what they look like!” He then carried his laptop over to me—to try to make me faint!

I love seeing Tone so excited about our new project, but worms truly make me squeamish—yuk—no thank you, or to put it, in the words of my dear friend, Cindy P.—horrors! I took a quick look, so not to disappoint Tony—they were so gross! “Tony,” I said. “Those things, worms, are going to be real close to our bedroom, now. Please promise me that they won’t be coming inside our trailer? I’m serious.”

Tony laughed! Then he promised me, that he would protect me from any worm attack, and for me, not to worry, or should I say wormmy. “Tony, I can just see the headlines in the Kerrville paper, “Creepy Night Crawler’s Trailer Invasion—Nearly Kills Cousin Nancy! Husband, Tony Simons and Kinky Friedman, in Violent Standoff for Hours and Save Her From Becoming Worm Bait!”

T. started laughing, and then he gave me a great, big bear hug, which I needed badly. I didn’t want him to let go of me.

Aaron then knocked on our front door, “Come on in, Aaron” I said. “Good morning, Aaron. Guess what Tony and I are fixing to become? Worm ranchers or better, yet—worm barons! And, we’re talking—a herd of three thousand or more! Tony is now going to be a wormboy, and I am going to be a wormgirl, maybe, but I doubt it.”

“What?” Aaron said.

I hope that y’all have a wonderful evening, I’ve got to go now. Tony wants to show me some composting containers!

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jennifer rose said...

Just remember that, as pack partner and guardian of these worms, you're taking on the serious undertaking and responsibility for their health, welfare, education, well-being and moral guidance. You can't just dump off those worms at the Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch when you're tired of them.